What is Rental LED Display and The Advantages Can Get For The Business Development?

  • 2023-05-08

LED is one of the great inventions of the 20th century. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. These diodes are tiny little bulbs that we have seen on electronic devices. LED displays use a large number of light-emitting diodes on a flat panel. These diodes are either red, blue, or green. Each of these diodes is capable of emitting light of different brightness.


What is Rental LED Display?

Rental LED display is a special kind used for stage performance and artistic activities. Based on the environment of applications, Rental LED Displays are classified into indoor LED Displays and Outdoor LED Displays. It is widely used in both indoor and outdoor activities and events such as sports competition, singing and dancing parties, press conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, religious outreach, convention and touring, conference halls, multifunctional halls, conference rooms, performing halls, discos, nightclubs, high-end entertainment discos, etc.

Chipshow LED Display company has series of LED displays which are widely use for rental LED display such as C-Lite-Plus, C-Beetle, C-Fit, C-Easy and so on.

Outdoor LED screen

Rental LED Displays have the following advantages:


Portable, Ultra-thin and Light-weight

Cabinets of traditional LED screens are mainly made of commonly known as "iron box". It is made of carbon steels and sheets through bending, soldering, spraying and other processes. It has low costs but the weight per square meter after it being made into a screen reaches over 60kg which is too heavy also the size of the cabinet is much bigger.

Cabinets used in LED screens rental for the stage performance industry are basically made from aluminum. It weight is about 20-50kg/m2 which can be handled by just one person, saving workforce and time. Its characteristics include eco-friendly and fine thermal conductance, etc.


Excellent Visual Experience

The LED screen will attract the attention of the audience because of the bright and healthy colors. LED screens produce the brightness that makes them brighter or farther away from view. Also LED displays have excellent image quality and superior visual experience. Unlike projectors that often lose their glory over time, LED screens do not suffer from diminished vitality. The LED screens show clear images to your audience at low power costs.


Quick Installation 

As the cabinet is made of aluminum, it is lighter with higher precision, ensuring the disassembly to be convenient and quick. Unlike other external displays, indoor screen rental is easy to set up. Also Chipshow R&D team has designed some quick keys and locks which helps technicians to splice cabinets within a few minutes, thereby greatly shortening the time for installation and disassembly and saving the labor cost.

You can check on Chipshow YouTube channel about the installation and disassemble process of the LED displays 

Lightweight LED display screen

Long service life and affordable price 

The main part that affects the service life of LED screens is the light-emitting diode (bulb). High temperature is the major problem for the light-emitting diode. Aluminum cabinets with the fine cooling capability and thermal conductance can stabilize the temperature of the service environment, thus greatly increasing the service life of screens. From research we know that LED has lifespan about 50,000 hours in some cases it can reach 100,000 hours. So that we can say LED has long lifespan than actual project plan.


LED display is also super affordable. Rental LED display is suitable for event planners on a tight budget, but they want to capture outstanding work. A single screen is enough to attract a lot of audiences. LED display is also energy efficient, which means that  electricity bill will not be too high. LED indicators are easy to set up means that you do not need to dig deep into your pockets to hire a screen setup expert. What we need to look for is an installment rental company that can provide high-quality LED displays. LED indicators are easy to set up means that you do not need to dig deep into your pockets to hire a screen setup expert. Also, their brightness and clear crystal visibility will mean that you don’t need to hire more monitors to satisfy your audience’s needs.


Outdoor LED screens are sturdy and durable. It can withstand harsh weather such as heavy rain and strong winds. It means that renting a high-quality outdoor LED screen can display clear pictures and voices for the audience to appreciate, regardless of the weather. It is applied with new technologies and can withstand severe weather as well.

led display

Chipshow Best Product for You

Chipshow R&D team is working for any requirement which might need for your business development, so if you are looking for the best features for your projects and application visit right now our product category section and find the best match for you. It can be utilized for a wide range of purposes. such as advertising and the product display at malls, hotels, public places and many other aspects.


Also you can see our product information related to  C-Lite-Plus-A,B,C  series; C-Angel series; C-Lite series; C-Neat series; C-Smart series; C-Beetle series; C-Stick Rental series for Rental and Stage LED display. For your upcoming Transplant LED display project requirements please contact us right now we are happy to provide you our best support.

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