ISLE 2023 Exhibition; CHIPSHOW Showcase & Achievements

  • 2023-04-26

CHIPSHOW always brings innovative and unique products to meet everyone. At the recently concluded Shenzhen ISLE (International Smart Display and System Integration) exhibition, among Chipshow many outdoor products, especially C-Vent, C-Fit, C-Tra, which are represented by high brightness, energy conservation, and stability, are deeply loved by customers.

Ultra high brightness outdoor screen stays at position C steadily

The C-Fit Series integrates three important functions: high brightness, energy conservation, and stability. Its unique semi inline LED technology achieves 14000cd ultra high brightness for the first time in outdoor high-resolution P6.67 spacing, with an average power consumption of only 160W/㎡, providing more stable quality with high standard manufacturing processes. Outdoor high-resolution LED display screens often face challenges such as insufficient brightness, high power consumption, and dead lights in harsh outdoor environments. This high-performance C-Fit outdoor screen from Chipshow received so much attention at this exhibition, which is an important reason.

In addition, the breathable and opaque outdoor screen C-Vent Series, which has already demonstrated its expertise in the field of traffic display, is also eye-catching. As another highly competitive product of Chipshow outdoor screens, C-Vent uses module ventilation holes to allow air to flow between the screens, effectively reducing wind resistance, and dissipating heat through natural wind without the need for other air conditioning equipment, making it more energy-efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly.

At the same time, C-vent not only has the characteristics of air and light transmission, but also the module supports front and rear maintenance, adopting a hollow design, which makes C-vent's own weight lighter and maintenance more convenient. It is very suitable for coastal windy areas, highways or old buildings with low load-bearing capacity. It is precisely because of its high precision and cutting-edge advantages in outdoor displays that it has won the ISLE Exhibition's Specialization, Excellence, and Innovation Award in one fell swoop.

The ultra high brightness lens screen and various other specifications of traffic display products (C-Tra Series) have also been favored by many customers. The solar trailer screen of Chipshow is placed on the venue surface as an induction screen for use. Its high-resolution display effect and year-round ability to rely solely on solar power supply have enabled outdoor high-definition screens to break free from the limitations of urban power supply without installation location for the first time. Its outstanding product strength has been recognized by the exhibition organizer, demonstrating Chipshow leading technological advantages in the field of outdoor display.

The ISLE2023 exhibition has ended on 9th April, and we would like to thank everyone who visited our Booth. The number of participants at the show exceeded expectations, proving that it gets better every year.

The week at ISLE 2023 was simply amazing. We are happy we could meet our existing customers and some entirely new ones. We all benefited from the opportunity to share insights, feedback and experiences.

This year is we will participate more exhibition to make more face-to-face opportunities for CHIPSHOW and everyone. We will continue to participate in large-scale exhibitions and share the latest research results of Chipshow with everyone. At the same time, we are continuing to work hard to increase research in LED outdoor screens and launch more leading products.

CHIPSHOW is 22+ years young brand, with fast, flexible, and affordable quality solutions. Our vision is "To Build A High-End Outdoor LED Display Brand". We hope all our partners and well wishers will be with us.

Thank you all very much, it was indeed a pleasure to meet you. We are already looking forward to next year’s event.

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