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C-Slim 3D Outdoor LED screen, high brightness, energy saving

C-Slim 3D Outdoor LED screen, high brightness, energy saving

1. Low power consumption, low temperature rise, energy saving, average power consumption ≤180W/;

2. Totally enclosed module; The disassembly and assembly of the module has no screws and can be quickly disassembled

3. The connection between the module and the box adopts a side waterproof leather ring, which has high waterproof reliability

4. All-cast aluminum box, ultra-light and thin; weight≤29kg, thickness≤105mm

5. High waterproof level, the whole box is IP65

6. Application fields: outdoor advertising media, government and enterprise projects, cultural tourism, sports competitions, image promotion, commercial real estate, etc.

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Product Features:

1 The C-Slim(ca) series adopts the common cathode technology which is an advanced solution aiming at increasing energy efficiency and reducing power consumption; in addition, compared with traditional LED beads, the semi-DIP lamp beads (we also call them “ICE lamp beads”) can save up to 30% of energy; 

2 Front and rear maintenance: you can maintain the screens from the front; this will save your space greatly;

3 The cabinet is made of die-casting aluminum; it is ultra-thin, ultra-light, and highly strengthened;  

4 The LED modules are fully enclosed, and both the front and rear of the modules reach IP65 waterproof grade; in addition, the wires are concealed and hidden at the screen bottom; this not only shows a tiny appearance but also ensures safe and reliable use.

5 The dual power supply system can produce and adjust two different output voltages automatically; therefore, the screens always work at a highly stable power supply quality;

6 As an optimized solution for outdoor fixed installation of LED screens, the C-Slim(ca) series has widespread use; the screens are widely used for outdoor advertising, government/enterprise projects, cultural tourism, image publicity, sports events, commercial real estate, etc;     

ICE LED Display Screen The outdoor P6.6, P8, P10, P16 display solution with low power consumption and high brightness:

In the C-Slim series of Chipshow LED displays, we do not use conventional SMD and DIP LEDs. We create and develop an advanced type of LED (“ICE LED beads”) that is in between SMD LED and DIP LED. This determines the outstanding difference in product quality and performance between our LED displays and other brands of outdoor LED displays.

The following is a simple single lamp comparison between SMD Led beads and our ICE LED beads:

And here is a brightness comparison between P6.6 ICE LED and P6.6 SMD LED (SMD2727):  

With the C-Slim(ca) series, high-density outdoor P6.6 P8 display solutions with high adaptability can be achieved;

Compared with SMD LED, the Red, Green, and Blue modules of the ICE LED are independently encapsulated; this contributes to faster heat dissipation;


Here is a comparison of failure rates among DIP LED, SMD LED, and our ICE LED under the same condition (* Note: The same condition means the same high/low temperature, the same test time, and the same frequency):

The C-Slim(ca) series does not have any specular reflection, and the contrast ration can reach more than 3000:1;

The power consumption comparison between SMD LED and our ICE LED:

Let’s look at the comprehensive comparison among DIP LED, SMD LED, and our ICE LED:

Here are some typical cases in which the C-slim series is applicable:

  Unipole hoarding:

  Naked-eye stereoscopic display of outdoor big LED screen (suitable pixel pitch: P6.67):

 Display in regions where there is a high level of reflective light, and regions where there is daily exposure to extreme UV light, high temperature, and dust storms (suitable pixel pitch: P8, P10);

 Display on the coast (suitable pixel pitch: P10)

 Scoreboard LED display on stadiums (suitable pixel pitch: P6.67)

We are a professional LED display manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience; 

we strive to produce high quality LED screens; and here is the the manufacturing process: 

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C-Slim LED billboard
C-Slim outdoor LED billboard screen, SMD/DIP/ICE LED module (P4/5/6.67/8/10/16)

Product Features: 1 Front and rear maintenance: all the components can be maintained from the front, this will help you save a lot of space during installation and maintenance; 2 Waterproof: every side of the cabinets is fully waterproof; 3 High stability: the LED modules are fully enclosed; both the front and back reach IP65 protection level; all the wires are concealed, this not only gives a tidy appearance but also improves operation safety; 4 High-quality cabinets: the cabinets are constructed from full die-casting aluminum that features high strength, thin thickness, and low weight; 5 Energy Saving (for P6.67/8/10): The C-slim P6.67, P8, and P10 screens adopt the common cathode scheme that can save up to 30% of energy compared with conventional outdoor LED screens; 6 Dual voltage power supply (for P6.67/8/10): the dual-output power supply system can adjust the output voltage automatically to maintain a stable power supply; 7 Main application: the C-Slim series is a good outdoor display solution that can be used in commercial advertising, promotion of government projects, event marketing, enterprise image publicity, and so on;

 LED billboard screen
C-Fit-Easy LED billboard screen, front service, multi-purposes (P4/5/6.67/8/10/16)

Product Features: 1 High precision: the cabinets adopt high-pressure die-casting aluminum, and the tolerance is less than 0.1mm; this ensures accurate assembly of cabinets, and the surface of a whole screen will have good flatness; 2 Ultra-thin and ultra-light: the cabinet is 15kg/㎡ lighter in weight and 20% thinner than an iron cabinet; this will help you greatly reduce the cost of transportation, and the cost of construction of a steel frame structure; 3 Multiple purposes: the C-Fit billboard screen can be used as a cost-effective fixed display solution, rental display solution that supports hanging installation, and display solution for stadium perimeter fences; 4 Front-service design: the LED modules support front service; therefore, when it comes to wall-mounted installation, you can easily assemble and disassemble the modules; 5 Easy upgrade and replacement: the cabinets can adapt to our P4~P20 modules; therefore, you do not have to spend extra cost in replacing cabinets if you consider upgrading the billboard screen; 6 High brightness: the brightness level reaches more than 5500 CD/㎡; even though under strong light, the billboard screen still can present clear images; 7 High protection grade: the protection grade of the C-Fit-Easy series reaches IP65; and this type of billboard screen is very suitable for large-format outdoor advertisements, such as outdoor LED walls, and LED screens with a ground stack system;

P5.35 outdoor transparent LED screen
C-Trans P5.35 Outdoor Transparent LED Screen

Outdoor transparent LED display solution Features 1 Light-weight: the weight is only 14.2kg/㎡,the screen just weights 15.3kgs(cabinet thickness without power box: 47.5mm, cabinet thickness with power box: 97mm), It is quite easy to install and maintain, and there is no requirement for structural strengthening; 2 High transparency: the transparency of the screen is more than 48%; when mounted on a glass wall, the screen turns into a lifelike video wall; and you can still get a clear outward view through the transparent LED screen; 3 Adaptable to all weather conditions: the screen has high resistance at low/high temperatures and high humidity; it can work normally under different outdoor environments; 4 High ventilation: the grid-shaped LED modules ensure that wind can directly pass through gaps between grids; this will save you a significant cost that should have been used in the enhancement of the steel structure; 5 Front-And-Rear maintenance: you can install and maintain the screen from its front and back, so it has a very loose requirement of on-site installation conditions; 6 Large cabinet size: the screen adopts large-sized cabinets (cabinet size: 1.2meter * 0.9meter) to reduce the workload of installation;

outdoor corner 3D screen
C-Slim corner 3D screen, high brightness, energy saving

Pixel Pitch、Resolution rate、size: 5mm、12*64Dots、60*320 Pixel color、 Pixel LEDL: 1R1G1B、 SMD1921 Working voltage、Module Power: DC4.6V、≤10W Driving IC、Driving way Standard configuration: ICND2153、1/8 HUB: HUB75 Material、Cabinet Weight(kg/Cabinet): Sheet metal aluminum 、15kg/Cabinet Resolution rate、size、Module quantity: 120*192Dots、600*960*95mm、10X3 Density: 40000 Dots/㎡ White balance 、Color temperature: 5000CD/㎡、6000-8000K view angel、Non-Flatness、Module interval H/V:120°/120°、<0.2mm、<0.2mm Maximal power/㎡、Average power/㎡: ≤560W/㎡、≤170W/㎡ Frame frequency、Refresh frequency、Gray grade: 60Hz、3840Hz、13bit Control system、System supports CHIPSHOW,Windows XP,WIN 7 Working temperature、Protection grade: ﹣20~50℃、 Front/Back:IP65/IP54

perimeter LED screen display
C-Sport P8 stadium perimeter LED screen display

C-Sport P8 stadium perimeter LED screens are widely used for digital perimeter advertising; Features: 1 Every cabinet is equipped with left & right fast locks, and an adjustable 90 degree rotating bracket for convenience of quick assembly of perimeter display; 2 Every screen comes with soft pillow protectors, soft LED module masks, so both athletes and LED screens can be fully protected; 3 The aluminum power box not only has light weight but also has excellent performance in heat dissipation; this effectively slows the aging process of power modules; 4 Every LED module supports front-and-rear service, this makes the operation easy during installation and later maintenance; 5 The front and back of the cabinet is dustproof and waterproof, and reaches IP65 protection level; 6 Compared with conventional LED display screens, Chipshow C-Sport series is energy-saving – about 1/3 energy consumption can be saved; this greatly reduces the operating cost;   7 The screen also comes with professional perimeter advertising software that supports diverse video input sources, such as DP, HDMI, VGA, SDL, and DVD;

Transparent Film LED Screen
C-Film P8,10 Indoor Transparent LED Screen

With the characteristics of High transparency rate, invisible installation, ultra light & thin, it is very good to help business branding. Advantages 1. Ultra-light and thin, the transparent part is only 3mm; 2. Using high-end PC materials with high-transparent and high-temperature resistant, good color consistency. 3. The perfect ultra-narrow design of the light board PCB can easily achieve a transparency rate of up to 60%. 4. No fan power supply, quiet and noiseless. 5. It can be directly stuck to the glass or hanging installation, quick and worry-free. 6. Hidden design, all cables are stored in the control box, beautiful and generous appearance. 7. The screen can be spliced left and right or up and down, which can achieve a display height or width of 1.92 meters and unlimited splicing in the other direction. Installation Directly glued to transparent glass or hanging installation Application Stage event, shopping mall, chain store, science museum, glass window, glass curtain wall building, leasing industry, New retail, etc.

led display
C-Lite-plus XR virtual shooting dedicated LED display p2.6p3.91

1.Fla:ADC12 high-strength die-cast aluminum cabinet, can be frequently assembled and disassembled without deformation, good flatness. 2.Practical:The extremely simple and practical design, firm handle, convenient fast lock, the simplest and most practical. 3.Magnetic locating:Fast and precise locating by the magnetic location pin on cabinet sides,  fast and easy installation for rental use. 4.Dual service:fast lock module design, easy maintenance from front or back. 5.Economical:Low cost, stable and reliable, and super cost-effective. 6.Global hot sale over 50,000 square meters. Ready stock, fast delivery.

Solar on-board display
C-Tra-VMS solar HD full-color car screen P6.67 ultra-bright outdoor LED display

1.  High brightness and energy saving: 3.2/4.2V low-voltage power supply, 4535 3in1 high brightness Leds, brightness ≥ 10000CD/㎡; The brightness can be adjusted automatically; 2.  HD display: Above 210 meters (vehicle speed 120) in dynamic, and can still be clearly visible in more than 250 meters in static distance in foggy weather; It can still display the road conditions in high definition to warn and guide vehicles to pass safely and efficiently; 3.  Efficient heat dissipation: Large flow negative pressure heat dissipation in the cabinet, efficient heat discharge, and more stable operation of LED display; 4.  Solar charging+9.6KWH large capacity battery, which can continuously power on the LED display 365 days a year; 5.  Hydraulic lifting+ rotating structure; The whole screen hovers at 1M height and 360 ° to play information at any height and angle. 6.  Double safety towing structure, 10mm safety chain, 80 level towing hook ring with safe and convenient dragging. 7.  7-core signal connector can control EMARK certified trailer indicator, brake light, turn light and side light in the whole vehicle. 8.  Support GPS positioning; Support U disk/mobile phone/tablet/computer/4G/WiFi playback; Support video and picture playback such as MP4/AVI/jpg/; 9.  It is mainly used for high-speed gantry and F frame traffic guidance; Safety warning signs for road repair vehicles, cleaning vehicles, sanitation vehicles and other road operation vehicles.

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