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C-Slim 3D Outdoor LED screen, high brightness, energy saving

C-Slim 3D Outdoor LED screen, high brightness, energy saving

1. Low power consumption, low temperature rise, energy saving, average power consumption ≤180W/;

2. Totally enclosed module; The disassembly and assembly of the module has no screws and can be quickly disassembled

3. The connection between the module and the box adopts a side waterproof leather ring, which has high waterproof reliability

4. All-cast aluminum box, ultra-light and thin; weight≤29kg, thickness≤105mm

5. High waterproof level, the whole box is IP65

6. Application fields: outdoor advertising media, government and enterprise projects, cultural tourism, sports competitions, image promotion, commercial real estate, etc.

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Product Features:

1 The C-Slim(ca) series adopts the common cathode technology which is an advanced solution aiming at increasing energy efficiency and reducing power consumption; in addition, compared with traditional LED beads, the semi-DIP lamp beads (we also call them “ICE lamp beads”) can save up to 30% of energy; 

2 Front and rear maintenance: you can maintain the screens from the front; this will save your space greatly;

3 The cabinet is made of die-casting aluminum; it is ultra-thin, ultra-light, and highly strengthened;  

4 The LED modules are fully enclosed, and both the front and rear of the modules reach IP65 waterproof grade; in addition, the wires are concealed and hidden at the screen bottom; this not only shows a tiny appearance but also ensures safe and reliable use.

5 The dual power supply system can produce and adjust two different output voltages automatically; therefore, the screens always work at a highly stable power supply quality;

6 As an optimized solution for outdoor fixed installation of LED screens, the C-Slim(ca) series has widespread use; the screens are widely used for outdoor advertising, government/enterprise projects, cultural tourism, image publicity, sports events, commercial real estate, etc;     

ICE LED Display Screen The outdoor P6.6, P8, P10, P16 display solution with low power consumption and high brightness:

In the C-Slim series of Chipshow LED displays, we do not use conventional SMD and DIP LEDs. We create and develop an advanced type of LED (“ICE LED beads”) that is in between SMD LED and DIP LED. This determines the outstanding difference in product quality and performance between our LED displays and other brands of outdoor LED displays.

The following is a simple single lamp comparison between SMD Led beads and our ICE LED beads:

And here is a brightness comparison between P6.6 ICE LED and P6.6 SMD LED (SMD2727):  

With the C-Slim(ca) series, high-density outdoor P6.6 P8 display solutions with high adaptability can be achieved;

Compared with SMD LED, the Red, Green, and Blue modules of the ICE LED are independently encapsulated; this contributes to faster heat dissipation;

Here is a comparison of failure rates among DIP LED, SMD LED, and our ICE LED under the same condition (* Note: The same condition means the same high/low temperature, the same test time, and the same frequency):

The C-Slim(ca) series does not have any specular reflection, and the contrast ration can reach more than 3000:1;

The power consumption comparison between SMD LED and our ICE LED:

Let’s look at the comprehensive comparison among DIP LED, SMD LED, and our ICE LED:

Here are some typical cases in which the C-slim series is applicable:

  Naked-eye stereoscopic display of outdoor big LED screen (suitable pixel pitch: P6.67):

 Display in regions where there is a high level of reflective light, and regions where there is daily exposure to extreme UV light, high temperature, and dust storms (suitable pixel pitch: P8, P10);

 Display on the coast (suitable pixel pitch: P10)

We are a professional LED display manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience; 

we strive to produce high quality LED screens; and here is the the manufacturing process: 

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Features 1,Light-weighted, modular design, directly locked and installed on the street light pole, simple and fast installation and maintenance. 2,Cluster control, 5G networking, convenient upgrade and flexible operation. 3,IP65 high protection grade, suitable for outdoor environment. 4,Good display effect and strong impact, and all the printed advertisements on the light pole can be replaced. 5,Large information capacity and rich content, as well as the fixed time and targeted delivery Low cost and environmental friendly. Advantange: Chipshow is specialized in LED screen manufacturing since 2000,and always devotes to researching stable and good show effect LED screen.

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