P4/5/6/8/10/16/25 outdoor big LED advertising display

  • C-Slim LED billboard
    C-Slim outdoor LED billboard screen, SMD/DIP/ICE LED module (P4/5/6.67/8/10/16)
    Product Features: 1 Front and rear maintenance: all the components can be maintained from the front, this will help you save a lot of space during installation and maintenance; 2 Waterproof: every side of the cabinets is fully waterproof; 3 High stability: the LED modules are fully enclosed; both the front and back reach IP65 protection level; all the wires are concealed, this not only gives a tidy appearance but also improves operation safety; 4 High-quality cabinets: the cabinets are constructed from full die-casting aluminum that features high strength, thin thickness, and low weight; 5 Energy Saving (for P6.67/8/10): The C-slim P6.67, P8, and P10 screens adopt the common cathode scheme that can save up to 30% of energy compared with conventional outdoor LED screens; 6 Dual voltage power supply (for P6.67/8/10): the dual-output power supply system can adjust the output voltage automatically to maintain a stable power supply; 7 Main application: the C-Slim series is a good outdoor display solution that can be used in commercial advertising, promotion of government projects, event marketing, enterprise image publicity, and so on;
  • outdoor corner 3D screen
    C-Slim corner 3D screen, high brightness, energy saving
    Pixel Pitch、Resolution rate、size: 5mm、12*64Dots、60*320 Pixel color、 Pixel LEDL: 1R1G1B、 SMD1921 Working voltage、Module Power: DC4.6V、≤10W Driving IC、Driving way Standard configuration: ICND2153、1/8 HUB: HUB75 Material、Cabinet Weight(kg/Cabinet): Sheet metal aluminum 、15kg/Cabinet Resolution rate、size、Module quantity: 120*192Dots、600*960*95mm、10X3 Density: 40000 Dots/㎡ White balance 、Color temperature: 5000CD/㎡、6000-8000K view angel、Non-Flatness、Module interval H/V:120°/120°、<0.2mm、<0.2mm Maximal power/㎡、Average power/㎡: ≤560W/㎡、≤170W/㎡ Frame frequency、Refresh frequency、Gray grade: 60Hz、3840Hz、13bit Control system、System supports CHIPSHOW,Windows XP,WIN 7 Working temperature、Protection grade: ﹣20~50℃、 Front/Back:IP65/IP54
  • outdoor led signs
    C-Slim 3D Outdoor LED screen, high brightness, energy saving
    1. Low power consumption, low temperature rise, energy saving, average power consumption ≤180W/㎡; 2. Totally enclosed module; The disassembly and assembly of the module has no screws and can be quickly disassembled; 3. The connection between the module and the box adopts a side waterproof leather ring, which has high waterproof reliability; 4. All-cast aluminum box, ultra-light and thin; weight≤29kg, thickness≤105mm 5. High waterproof level, the whole box is IP65; 6. Application fields: outdoor advertising media, government and enterprise projects, cultural tourism, sports competitions, image promotion, commercial real estate, etc.
  •  LED billboard screen
    C-Fit-Easy LED billboard screen, front service, multi-purposes (P4/5/6.67/8/10/16)
    Product Features: 1 High precision: the cabinets adopt high-pressure die-casting aluminum, and the tolerance is less than 0.1mm; this ensures accurate assembly of cabinets, and the surface of a whole screen will have good flatness; 2 Ultra-thin and ultra-light: the cabinet is 15kg/㎡ lighter in weight and 20% thinner than an iron cabinet; this will help you greatly reduce the cost of transportation, and the cost of construction of a steel frame structure; 3 Multiple purposes: the C-Fit billboard screen can be used as a cost-effective fixed display solution, rental display solution that supports hanging installation, and display solution for stadium perimeter fences; 4 Front-service design: the LED modules support front service; therefore, when it comes to wall-mounted installation, you can easily assemble and disassemble the modules; 5 Easy upgrade and replacement: the cabinets can adapt to our P4~P20 modules; therefore, you do not have to spend extra cost in replacing cabinets if you consider upgrading the billboard screen; 6 High brightness: the brightness level reaches more than 5500 CD/㎡; even though under strong light, the billboard screen still can present clear images; 7 High protection grade: the protection grade of the C-Fit-Easy series reaches IP65; and this type of billboard screen is very suitable for large-format outdoor advertisements, such as outdoor LED walls, and LED screens with a ground stack system;
  • Full Color Outdoor LED Screen
    C-Fit P2.5/3/4/5/6/6.67/10/16 Outdoor LED Display, Multi-functional Advertising
    Features: 1 Good flatness: the screen adopts die-casting aluminum cabinets with a tolerance within 0.1mm; 2 Ultra-thin: the die-casting aluminum cabinets are 20% thinner and 15kg/㎡ than iron cabinets, which helps reduce transportation and framework costs significantly; 3 Easy to upgrade and replace: the cabinets are adapted to our P2.5~P16 modules; so you do not have to change the cabinets for an upgrade, this will save a lot of manpower and cabinet costs; 4 Multiple purposes: As a large display solution, the C-Fit series is widely used as outdoor advertising screens, stage rental screens, and stadium perimeter LED display screens; the C-Fit series is not only used as permanently wall-mounted screens but also used as ground-stacked screens for small events or spaces with low ceilings; 5 High brightness: the brightness reaches 3700~4200CD/㎡, so the screen can still present clear pictures under strong light; 6 Slow temperature rise, efficient heat dissipation: the heat-dissipation device adopts aluminum magnesium alloy material with excellent heat conduction; 7 Highly cost-effective: an IP65-rated enclosure provides protection against all kinds of bad weather conditions, such as water jets, salt spray, salt corrosion, and wind erosion; 8 High reliability: all the modules adopt seal technique and high-quality copper wire;
  • P5.35 outdoor transparent LED screen
    C-Trans P5.35 Outdoor Transparent LED Screen
    Outdoor transparent LED display solution Features 1 Light-weight: the weight is only 14.2kg/㎡,the screen just weights 15.3kgs(cabinet thickness without power box: 47.5mm, cabinet thickness with power box: 97mm), It is quite easy to install and maintain, and there is no requirement for structural strengthening; 2 High transparency: the transparency of the screen is more than 48%; when mounted on a glass wall, the screen turns into a lifelike video wall; and you can still get a clear outward view through the transparent LED screen; 3 Adaptable to all weather conditions: the screen has high resistance at low/high temperatures and high humidity; it can work normally under different outdoor environments; 4 High ventilation: the grid-shaped LED modules ensure that wind can directly pass through gaps between grids; this will save you a significant cost that should have been used in the enhancement of the steel structure; 5 Front-And-Rear maintenance: you can install and maintain the screen from its front and back, so it has a very loose requirement of on-site installation conditions; 6 Large cabinet size: the screen adopts large-sized cabinets (cabinet size: 1.2meter * 0.9meter) to reduce the workload of installation;
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