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  • 2023-05-12

Southeast Asia is one of CHIPSHOW's most important strategic markets, has established deep cooperative relationships with multiple local partners for many years, and has implemented numerous heavyweight projects here.


This article mentions that this project is a large-scale entertainment award ceremony venue that has received much attention in Southeast Asia. Multiple LED displays are used throughout the venue, relying on the delicate colors of the Chipshow display screen to create a dazzling color atmosphere and present a high-end and atmospheric visual effect. The project team is very satisfied and highly praised our LED display products.

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The Chipshow rental screen has lightweight, stable, and have excellent color display. In addition to the already popular C-Lite series in Europe and America, the emerging high-end C-Beetle has also begun to be favored by users around the world. The product used in this project is the P3.91 C-Beetle, with a total area of 100 square meters.


C-Beetle is a stage rental screen with multiple characteristics, which has the following advantages.

1. Flatness: ADC12 grade high-strength die-cast aluminum cabinet, frequently disassembled without deformation, with good flatness.

2. Practical: Minimalist and practical design, wide and thick generous handle, convenient and fast lock, simple and practical.

3. Magnetic suction design: The upper and lower magnetic suction of the cabinet assists in precise positioning and installation, making rental installation economical and efficient.

4. Quick maintenance: The module adopts a unique button lock design, which can achieve quick disassembly and maintenance within 5 seconds.

Stage LED

This blockbuster stage performance application of C-Beetle demonstrates the recognition of Chipshow rental products in the international stage market. In recent years, we have already had a number of star products that are popular all over the world, and Chipshow will continue to increase its research and development efforts to provide project support to more customers.

Stage LED screen

C-Beetle is very suitable for LED screens for stages, concerts, temporary gatherings, and other purposes similar to this project. It uses high-precision die-cast aluminum cabinets, which greatly reduces weight, and is equipped with indoor and outdoor P2.6, P2.97, P3.91, and other spacing, which can meet various scenarios.

LED display box

Chipshow has thousands of panels in stock and ready for delivery. If you have decided to buy rental LED display, Chipshow can be your best option because we offer reasonable price, high-quality rental LED displays.  So if you need any help for your business development please contact us right now, our professional team is 24/7 ready to help you.

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