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  • 2023-05-19

In recent years, due to the rapid development of the LED display industry, many suppliers of different strengths have begun to pour into the industry. It is difficult for customers to find high-reliability outdoor LED displays produced by powerful suppliers among products of uneven quality. Therefore, in actual use, we often see various poor-quality LED screens, which seriously affect the user experience and cause users to pay high operation and maintenance costs.

Based on 22 years of experience in LED display R&D and manufacturing, Chipshow has set up a special R&D team for various pain points of outdoor displays, such as weak protection, excessive energy consumption, and fragile devices, and has derived products such as C -Smart, C-Fit and many other popular star outdoor products for all over the world. Today we will introduce another outdoor product Chipshow C-Slim with multiple advantages.

1. Brightness and pixel pitch: As we all know, the basic requirement of outdoor LED display is that the brightness is high enough, but the brightness of traditional SMD lamp beads cannot meet the requirement of outdoor high brightness, and it is difficult to meet the needs of some use environments. In response to this phenomenon, the Chipshow R&D team uses ultra-bright semi-in-line lamp beads. This lamp bead not only greatly improves the brightness, but also has a small size, which can achieve an ultra-bright LED display with a smaller pitch.

2. Energy consumption and power supply:  After increasing the brightness, C-Slim can still add materials without increasing the price, entering the ranks of low-energy outdoor screens, with an average power consumption of less than 180W/. The reason is that this outdoor display uses a common cathode power supply scheme, which is a technical solution based on the improvement of the common anode structure to achieve energy saving for the LED display. Distribute the current and voltage for the R, G, and B chips. The current first passes through the lamp bead and then to the negative electrode of the IC, which reduces the forward voltage drop and the internal resistance of the conduction. Effect. Then, we adopted a dual-voltage power supply method for the power supply, which has the function of automatically deploying dual outputs to ensure the stability of the power supply.

1. Product durability and safety: At the same time, in order to improve the outdoor protection of C-Slim, the module adopts a fully enclosed solution, which effectively protects the safety of the internal components of the module and greatly improves the waterproof performance with IP65 protection grade has been used in it. In a complex outdoor environment, the display module is prone to moisture, which affects the life of internal components and damages the lamp beads. Compared with more protective processes, it is not as reliable as a direct closed design.

1. All-rounder performance and maintenance: In fact, this is an outdoor LED advertising screen that can adapt to various outdoor environments. This exquisite design and materials ensure that C-Slim can have a very stable feature, and the quality is much higher than that of ordinary outdoor display screens. Whether it is used for various outdoor installations, it is very convenient, because it can be maintained front and rear, and does not require maintenance channels. This lightweight, compact and high-quality outdoor LED display can give users more confidence and save a lot of maintenance. Therefore, more and more customers start to pay attention to these points before purchasing.

CHIPSHOW  has contributed a variety of very popular outdoor display products to the market in recent years by utilizing its superior R&D configuration. At the same time, new outdoor products are still under research and development, and more innovative high-quality LED displays will be launched this year, so look forward to it!


Chipshow has thousands of panels in stock and ready for delivery. If you have decided to buy outdoor LED display, Chipshow can be your best option because we offer reasonable price, high-quality rental LED displays.  So if you need any help for your business development please contact us right now, our professional team is 24/7 ready to help you.

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