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  • 2023-06-02

After Fuzhou Exhibition and Shenzhen Exhibition, Chipshow came to Changsha Transportation Exhibition again to bring you the latest research results. The biggest motivation for such a dense exhibition schedule comes from the support of our customers. Whether it is the recent Fuzhou exhibition or Shenzhen exhibition, the products of Chipshow are enthusiastically sought after by customers.

In recent years Chipshows' outdoor display products have developed rapidly in the field of traffic display applications, especially in high-brightness and energy-saving products, which are in a leading position in technology. In particular, the hollow series LED display has important features such as independent heat dissipation, high brightness and energy saving, high protection, low wind resistance, and ultra-thin. It has been continuously used in many large-scale and heavy projects in recent years, and has been in stable operation for a long time.

LED screen exhibition

At this exhibition in Changsha, Chipshow still brought a highly competitive air-permeable and light-proof hollow screen. This screen has the following features:

1) Ultra-light and thin: The module hollow design saves glue and effectively reduces the weight of the screen. The 960mmX960mm cabinet is only 35.2KG; the thickness of the cabinet is only 125mm, which is especially suitable for projects with special requirements for load-bearing such as high-speed gantry.

2) Low wind resistance: The module is designed with ventilation holes, and the wind can flow between the screens, which effectively reduces wind resistance and improves the safety of the steel structure.

3) Self-dissipating heat dissipation: The module usethe air convection between the screens to dissipate heat naturally, without additional heat dissipation devices, energy saving and environmental protection.

4) High protection and high reliability: The fully enclosed design of the module protects components from salt spray and dust in all aspects, and the use is stable and reliable.

5) Easy installation and maintenance: it can be maintained front and rear, the installation and maintenance are simpler and more convenient, and the maintenance operation cost is low.

6) Energy saving and high brightness: High luminous efficiency devices are used, combined with circuit design of precise voltage division power supply, to reduce power consumption, save energy and reduce emissions.

Highway display screen

Another exhibit, the multi-functional traffic warning sign, was also unveiled at this exhibition. This warning sign that can be moved with a pull rod is very suitable for temporary scene warnings such as drunk driving, traffic accidents, and construction. With extremely high mobility, it can be folded and placed on the car without pressure. The product is equipped with red and blue warning lights, which can be seen within a range of 1,000 meters. With the display spacing of P8, the text information can be seen clearly by the naked eye within 300 meters. It is safer and more efficient to use on the road.

The Changsha Traffic Exhibition also exhibited other displays with various pitches, such as C-Fit, which is suitable for guidance screens and information displays, and other traffic modules with various pitches, covering all aspects of the traffic display field.

Portable LED screen

Last year, the application projects of Chipshow outdoor products in the field of traffic display grew rapidly, and since this year, it has continuously brought various special products for traffic applications to the exhibition to share with you. After years of development, Chipshow has rich project experience in the application of outdoor products in the field of traffic display, and has formed a complete R&D and manufacturing after-sales chain project tracking support service, and is continuously providing powerful products for more partners and technical support.

CHIPSHOW  has contributed a variety of very popular outdoor display products to the market in recent years by utilizing its superior R&D configuration. At the same time, new outdoor products are still under research and development, and more innovative high-quality LED displays will be launched this year, so look forward to it!

Chipshow has thousands of panels in stock and ready for delivery. If you have decided to buy outdoor LED display, Chipshow can be your best option because we offer reasonable price, high-quality rental LED displays.  So if you need any help for your business development please contact us right now, our professional team is 24/7 ready to help you.

LED Display Exhibition

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