What is Pixel Pitch? Try to Understand Advertising LED Display !

  • 2022-12-20

The quality of the advertising LED display will have an impact on the success of any indoor or outdoor advertising campaign. It will also have an impact on your company's commercial interests with partners and stakeholders. As a result, selecting to advertise LED displays is not a simple matter; in order to give your audience the optimal viewing experience, you need to have a fundamental understanding of LED pixels and pixel pitch.

Here we will try to explain the concept of LED pixels, pixel pitch, and how to choose the appropriate pixel pitch for your display in order to help you understand more about LED displays for advertising.

How do LED pixels work?

An LED pixel is the smallest component of a digital image or display. In a digital display, each pixel is made up of a grid of red, blue, and green lighting components. Millions of different hues can be created by combining these ingredients in different ways and at various intensities.


What is Pixel Pitch?

Pixel pitch refers to the number of LED clusters or pixels that make up a digital display, as an LED advertising display, and it is associated with resolution. It is typically the distance in millimeters between the centers of the LED pixels that are adjacent to one another. The LED clusters are attached to circuit boards as well as back-plates, called modules. Likewise, these modules are coupled together to produce LED cabinets referring to consolidated and merged electronics units, which are continually tiled and piled to make indoor and outdoor LED walls.

Apart from that, the size of the pixels determines the pixel pitch—the smaller the pixel pitch, the greater the resolution. Simply said, the pixel pitch indicates the distance between two pixels; a smaller pixel pitch means a closer spacing between pixels, which translates to a better pixel density and screen resolution.


Why is Pixel Pitch Important?

Pixel pitch influences the viewing experience of the audience of your advertising LED display. The higher the pixel pitch of an LED signage display, the further the viewing distance. Similarly, the smaller the pixel pitch, the closer the viewing distance.

Small pixel pitch values allow your display to achieve smooth borders with finer details, and viewers can enjoy a sharp and clear image quality while standing closer to the screen.

It means that the higher pixel density results in better visuals and quality. However, higher density loses its advantage as the viewing distance rises, increasing the display cost. Though reduced pixel pitch gives higher resolution and quality, it becomes expensive due to increased pixels and material and production costs.

How to Find the Right Pixel Pitch for A LED Display?

Indoor & Outdoor solution

It is important to know whether the LED display will be indoor or outdoor before anything else. Indoor may includes retail stores and such, while outdoor may consist of roadways, stadiums, etc. Outdoor LED displays need to be able to withstand more extreme temperatures and conditions than inside LED displays. In addition, outdoor LED displays and indoor LED displays have different requirements for pixel pitch. Indoors normally require a tiny pixel pitch; outdoors often require a high pixel pitch.

Minimum Viewing Distance

As has already been mentioned, a larger pixel pitch is ideal for watching from a distance since it increases the minimum viewing distance, whilst a smaller pixel pitch is ideal for viewing up close. Therefore, the ideal pixel pitch for commercial LED displays depends on the lowest viewing distance, the point at which visual quality is maintained, and the distance beyond which the screen appears pixelate. The best viewing distance can also be determined using a variety of techniques, such as:

i.           10x Rule (Pixel Pitch x 10 = Approximate Viewing Distance in Feet).

ii.         Visual Acuity Distance (Pixel Pitch x 3438 = Visual Acuity in Millimeters).

iii.        Average Comfortable Viewing Distance (considering variables such as an individual’s eyesight, content resolution, and type of content).

Chipshow LED Display (C-Lite-Plus, C-Pad, C-Max, C-Smart, C-Beetle and C-Slim Series)

The best viewing experience is offered by ChipshowC-Lite-Plus, C-Pad, C-Max, C-Smart, C-Beetle and C-Slim series LED display at an affordable price. It creates the ideal balance between spending limits and quality requirements, giving the highest cost performance on the market. You have the right to make your choice of any LED display board for advertising on the C-Lite-Plus, C-Pad, C-Max, C-Smart, C-Beetle and C-Slim series.

The display cabinets from Chipshow are available in a range of sizes and standardized universal modules, allowing users to satisfy their operating needs on a daily basis. In order to reduce manufacturing costs and improve reliability, the series also adds the most value by reducing the amount of processing and hardware components for each cabinet throughout the design phase. Its incredibly thin and light form offers a clean appearance, is excellent for installation, and saves a lot of room.

Additionally, the Chipshow frontal restoration feature makes it easy to install and maintain the C-Lite-Plus, C-Pad, C-Max, C-Smart, C-Beetle and C-Slim advertising LED displays in indoor applications like retail stores. It provides several installation techniques with complete front serviceability. Finally, while changing modules, its intelligent module's internal data store automatically imports calibration data.



Advertising LED displays are a key aspect of marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, an ordinary LED signs display can be expensive to construct and maintain while giving a sub-par viewing experience. Then, Chipshow presents itself as a well-known producer of LED displays with more than 49 patents, including 24 innovation patents (including 4 US patents), 12 utility model patents, 6 appearance patents, and 6 software copyrights, and has had high levels of client satisfaction. We have been offering premium LED display solutions for indoor and outdoor uses since our company was founded in 2000. By the way, you can get in touch with us to find out more and receive an accurate price quote.

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