The Differences Between Conventional LED Displays And Rental LED Displays!

  • 2022-12-08

The major difference between the Rental LED display and the Conventional LED display is whether it must be frequently moved, disassembled, and reassembled. As a result, the requirements for the product are higher, and importance is put on the product's shape design, structural design, and material choice.

Rental LED displays can be used in both case as a mobile and fixed structures, it is according to the requirements of the owner. Rental LED displays are easily moveable, maintainable and have high performance rate. Where Conventional LED displays are installed in fixed structures, can be configured in any form the user desires and in any size. It is considerably can’t moved to different place frequently when any event is already going on.

So in this article we will talk about the in details about the differences between conventional and rental LED displays.

Three key differences factors between the two

1. While the rental screen needs to be readily installed, disassembled, and transported again so that the staff may finish the job quickly and lower the labor costs of clients, the fixed installation screen is installed sequentially and has very consistent size;

2. The rental screen has a high tolerance for bumps and scrapes in transportation and handling, and the size must correspond to the transportation tool's loading mechanism, particularly when traveling across geographical regions, which is vastly different.

3. The design of the LED screen itself must be durable enough to withstand handling because it must be handled frequently; otherwise, it is simple to collide during handling and harm the LED. A faulty LED light will have an impact on the entire system. The difference between rental screens and fixed installation screens while delivering rental screen services to clients is that the fixed installation screen's effect is immediate once it is installed, whereas the rental screen must maintain a great display effect during the concert. For customers, it is also the most crucial factor.

Chinese and US Rental LED displays market differences

In terms of engineering maintenance, local contractors are the people who install rental screens in the United States. Only the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) offered by the supplier must be during installation. As a result, the SOP must be very straightforward and understandable so that every local business SOP is crucial because most engineers are simple to assemble and remove. The largest difference between the two countries is because in China, rental screen installers are primarily employed by media businesses. For that solution Chipshow has subsidiaries in United States and many other regions of the world, So that in case any emergency requirements needed for any special case we can serve our engineers to get out form that situation.

What will the future of LED rental displays in terms of development?

These are some characteristics which will influence the future of LED rental screens:

1. Simple Installation and Disassembling

The first and most obvious advantage of having to buy a rental led display supply is how simple it is to move, disassemble, and install it. By simply breaking them down into separate pieces, they may be transferred from one location to another with minimum effort. Once it arrives in the intended use site, it can be quickly installed back without the need for specialized knowledge.

2. High-quality Display and High Precision

The rental led display offers a high-quality display, regardless of whether it will be utilized for indoor or outdoor activities. When used indoors or outside, there is no obvious difference in the display's quality.

3. Color Precision

Color correction is crucial because it enables flexible scheduling and the use of various items. Without color, even different batches of products cannot be used in concert tours or rental markets.

4. A Wide-Angle View

The rental led display's wide vision complements its high-quality display by making it simple to see the content from any angle. If you go back to your most recent movie going experience, you probably noted that the movie could still be seen on the screen from any seat. This suggests that, despite your location, you can still appreciate your view.

5. Future 4k, 8k technology

In the future, the effect of 4K, 8K could possibly be replaced by the use of small pitch, which will increase the dot pitch of rental screens. The pricing and cost of tiny pitch rental screens will decrease with time due to technological advancements.

6. Simple Maintenance

The simplicity and expense of maintenance is one of the biggest different for purchasing led displays. To dispel any confusion, there are no additional maintenance costs associated with the rental LED display. The best materials were used in its construction to ensure that it could survive the stress of being moved from one place to another.

7. After-sales service solution

The rental LED Display company's control system must travel anywhere in the world at any time. Because it is difficult for engineers to provide follow-up customer care or on-site service if there is any incompatibility or mismatch in the control system, the control system must be improved to better satisfy the compatibility of various batches of products.

In the end, whether it's a conventional display or a rental LED display, they are all high-quality, and they must keep innovating! Make an effort when selecting the LED display's characteristic and the future innovations!

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