Which LED Display Do You Need To Rent For Your Next Event?

  • 2022-12-06

LED screen technology has improved at a rapid pace in recent years. The technology has brought various LED display models to the market. These developments benefit both businesses and consumers. Given the variety of options on the market today, choosing the ideal solution for your needs may be difficult.

So let's review some of the most popular LED rental display types and talk about which one you should choose for your upcoming event.

Rental LED displays are divided into many types but we will talk about which LED display module is more comfortable for any rental events so for that we have couple of options

(1) Modular LED display for events

(2)  Transportable or Mobile LED display for events

Modular LED display for events

Modular LED displays are installed in fixed structures, can be configured in any form the user desires and in any size. It is considerably can’t moved to different place frequently when any event is already going on.

A modular LED display is made up of several panels that can be connected to provide a larger presentation. These panels are commonly joined together using rigs and truss systems.

It is widely used in both indoor and outdoor activities and events such as singing and dancing parties, press conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, religious outreach, convention and touring, conference halls, multifunctional halls, conference rooms, performing halls, discos, nightclubs, high-end entertainment discos, etc.

Large Event Option: Modular LED Display

1. It's ideal for outdoor use like concert and shows.

Due to its durability, adaptability in terms of size, weather resistance, efficiency, and brighter light that can be seen even in direct sunlight, modular LED Displays are perfect for outdoor applications.

A concert or event acquires a pleasant atmosphere thanks to the rental LED displays' presentation of stunning, high-resolution motion visuals.

2. The ability to attract attention.

Because of its ability to capture attention from viewers through unique arrangements, scaling, and other display tactics, it is an ideal choice for advertising, corporate events, and trade shows.

They are designed purpose of providing high-resolution displays that allow the audience to easily examine the content displayed on the screen from any angle because they are normally used in both indoors and outdoors.

3. Workload and service

Modular LED display are mainly for big events like singing and dancing parties, press conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums and so on. Because hardly these LED displays need maintenance and support action. Also it is fixed on place where events are actually happens in a particular place.

Transportable or Mobile LED Display

Normally short size of LED displays which are not placed in a fixed position, rather it can be transported to different positions for different times is known as transportable or Mobile LED displays. For events, transportable LED displays are frequently affixed on the back of a truck or towed on a trailer frame, allowing the user to easily drive the screen to and from viewing points across the event grounds.

A transported LED display is made up of several panels that can be connected to provide a smaller presentation. It is also used in both indoor and outdoor activities and events such as parties, concerts, shows, clubs, conferences, exhibitions, discos, transported sports events where supervisors needs to draw more attention to important visual content, such as sponsorship messaging, logistical information, and event activities.

This type of event LED display is perfect for a wide range of applications since the user can easily distribute the material to an audience, wherever they are (or are going to be), by simply connecting a laptop and sending content directly to the screen.

Features of Transported or Mobile LED displays

1. Transportable

For sporting events like tailgates, marathons, cycle races, and golf tournaments where information needs to be presented to a moving audience, these mobile LED displays are ideal.

Imagine that you are organizing a bicycle race. As riders go through the race and the audience follows them, a mobile LED display may be moved from one viewing spot to another.

2. Installation and maintenance simplicity:

According to the usage requirements, their installation is simpler compared to fixed LED displays as there is a chance that the placement may vary after each performance or program it is used for. There is very little setup necessary and a wide range of market offers come with integrated capabilities such as a direct connection, WiFi, Bluetooth, and sound system, so you don't need a team of event technology gurus to assist with having your material streamed on the big screen.

3. Lightweight and Slim:

They are simple to carry from one location to another due to their little weight. Additionally, this LED display cabinet may be quickly elevated during installation without worrying about any overweight due to its lightweight design.

4. Small place needed

They are simple to set up in high-traffic places like party tents, close to performance stages, or at entrances to event grounds.

5. Workload and service

Transported or Mobile LED displays can be used for both large and small events because these doesn’t need much more area and it can be shifted to many place during the events. Also it can be used alongside modular LED display where it can play attention seeking role for the audience.

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