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    C-Fit-Sport P8,10 Stadium Perimeter LED Display
    P8,P10 C-Fit-Sport LED display adopt virtual replacement technology. Virtual ads could be transmitted to different countries instead of the real ads in stadium. Advantages: 1. Intelligent perimeter LED display. 2. Virtual replacement technology, powered by IR LED. 3. Fast Installation and maintenance cabinet design. 4. Soft protection kit design to protect players from harm. 5. Negative pressure heat-dissipation system, further guarantees the reliability. 6. Available for remote monitoring by App.
  • Stadium LED Screen
    C-Sport P8 Professional Stadium LED Screen
    ◙ The cabinet comes with a 90° rotating bracket and left and right fast locks for efficient assembly of the stadium LED display. ◙ The screen comes with soft mask and pillow protection, so athletes and the LED display are perfectly protected. ◙ Aluminum power box, thin and light, good heat dissipation, slowing down the aging of the power and module. ◙ Front and rear maintenance of the module, easy operation. ◙ Waterproof and dustproof, protection grade ≥ IP65. ◙ Energy-saving, about 1/3 energy saving than traditional LED display, greatly reducing the operating cost. ◙ Professional software, and supports video source input such as DP, HDMD, VGA, SDL, DVD, etc.
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