Indoor Commercial

C-Max P2.5,3,3.3,4 Indoor Commercial LED Display

C-Max P2.5,3,3.3,4 Indoor Commercial LED Display

P2.5,P3,P3.3,P4 C-Max is indoor commercial preferred, simplicity and durable, the same proportion of video source as LCD, can direct replace LCD.

Quick Details:

• High gray, high refresh rate

• Ultra-thin, only 70mm

• Ultra-light, 7.5kg/cabinet


640mm*480mm cabinet size. can be assmbled with variety of 4:3 and 16:9 large screens.

Direct mounted on the wall, save space and labor.

Magnesium alloy cabinet, thin, light in weight.

Modules magnetic front installation, 3 seconds front maintenance.

Perfect design of lamp board PCB, high-end IC, easy to achieve high gray, refresh, brightness.

Good heat dissipation, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection.

Widely used in commercial display, indoor fixed advertising, auditorium, conference room, banquet, vestibule, exhibition demonstration, transportation, studio, command control.

  • Product Details

3 Second Front Maintenance, 1 Second Disassemble

3 seconds front maintenance, maintenance be dumbed down. Save time, labor&money. Magetic front service. 1 second disassemble a module.

Magnetic Installation

Wall mounting install, full front serviceable for moudle, power supply and receving card.

Cabinet Structure Design


Products series


Pixel Pitch


3mm 3.3mm 4mm

Working voltage


Driving IC





Driving way


1/26 1/24 1/20



Cabinet Material

Magnesium alloy

Cabinet Weight


Cabinet size



800 nit

Color temperature

6000~8000 K

view angel

H:120°, V:120°

Frame frequency


Refresh frequency


Gray grade


System supports

Windows XP,WIN 7

Working temperature


Protection grade


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C-Easy P5,6.6,8,10,16 Outdoor LED Sign Module Energy Saving

P5,P6.67,P8,P10,P16 C-Easy is a front and rear serviceable, energy-saving outdoor LED sign module. Quick  Details: • High brightness: ≤8500nits • Module size: 320*320mm/pcs • Front or rear maintenance • IP65 protection grade • Fast installation and maintenance Advantages: • Energy-saving≥30%. • High accuracy and high flatness. • Replaceable modules, fast and easy replace. • 320*320mm module size, you can assemble it into different size screens.

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C-Lite P2.6,2.97,3.91,4.81 Stage&Rental LED Display

P2.6,P2.97,P3.91,P4.81 event LED screens are suitable for stage, church events backdrop, shows and concerts, featuring light weight, easy and fast installation. Quick Details: • Indoor and outdoor optional • High gray: 22bits • High rerfresh rate: 1920~3840HZ • Fast installation and maintenance • Ingress Protection: IP65 Advantages: • Modules magnetic installation, front and rear maintanence, fast assembly and dismounting. • The cabinets of different batches are of the same size, solid and durable, not easy to deform. • Casting-aluminum cabinet, ultra-high flatness, whole cabinet flatness≤0.01mm. • Power and data connected fast, long life devices, 500000 times pull and plug. • Easy operation, one click to light up screen.

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P8,P10 C-Sport LED display adopt virtual replacement technology. Virtual ads could be transmitted to different countries instead of the real ads in stadium. Quick Details • Cabinet size: 1280*900mm • Brightness≤5800nits • Ingress Protection: IP65 Advantages: • Intelligent perimeter LED display. • Virtual replacement technology, powered by IR LED. • Fast Installation and maintenance cabinet design. • Soft protection kit design to protect players from harm. • Negative pressure heat-dissipation system, further guarantees the reliability. • Available for remote monitoring by App.

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C-Vent P25 Outdoor Transparent LED Curtain Screen

P25 outdoor high transparent glass curtain screen. Installation without steel structure. 60%-80% transparency, glass curtain more vivid and not affect viewing. Quick Details • High brightness≥7000nits • IP65, strong adaptablity • Front and rear serviceable • Size: 1500*500mm/pcs Advantages: • Light weight, thin and transparent. • Transparency ratio up to 63%. • Low power consumption. • High-cost effective without supporting structure. • Fast plug in and out the power cable and signal cable. Application: outdoor upper-air glass curtain wall, outdoor partition wall, exhibition hall, aieport, park landscape etc.

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C-Smart P4,5,6.6,10 Outdoor LED Sign Non-Cabinet

P4,P5,P6.6,P10 C-Smart is an simple integrated front and rear serviceable LED Screen. Non-cabinet and fully modular design for easy assembly and repair to reduce cost of installation. Quick Details: • High brightness: 4500~8500nits • Ultra-light: 3.55kg/pcs • Fast and easy installatin • IP 65 protection grade Advantages: • No cabinet design, only need a simple frame to hold the modules, which can reduce a big cost of installation. • Front or rear maintenance, save 800-1000mm space than normal back maintenance. • Quick setup. use fast locks and connectors for fast installation, no screws needed. • Bulit-in receiving card and power supply with data memory. • Fully sealed components, simplified waterproof connections, IP65. Appplication: • Used for monument signs, led message center, pole signs and pylon signs etc, it can also be assembled into a big billboard.

C-Vent Outdoor LED Screen
C-Vent P10,16 Outdoor Ventilation Advertising LED Display

P10,P16 outdoor ventilation advertising LED display, ventilating leads to high heat radiating, no need fan or air-conditioner, reducing energy consumption. Quick Details: • High brightness: 5500~7100nits • IP65, waterproof, dustproof and airproof design. • Life span≥100000h • Front or rear maintenance Advantages: • Hollow ventilating, air flow directly penetrates through LED sign face, ventilation reaches 20%, save energy. • No light penetration, no harm to contrast ratio, full conservated the display effect. • Wind-resistance, steel structure requires less wind resistance capacity, save 30% cost.

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