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    C-Arc curved LED screen, arc/flat splicing, indoor display (P2.6)
    1 The cabinets are made of die-cast aluminum and adopt ultra-light and ultra-thin design; the thickness of a cabinet (size:500*500mm) is only 87mm, and the cabinet weight is lower than 6.8kg; 2 The curved cabinets can be spliced with planar cabinets from the left and right sides; by the way, the C-Arc series can be spliced together with our C-Shine series (P2.604); so you can make cabinets with more shapes; 3 As a type of concave-convex curved LED screen, the curved angles (the angles of inner and outer arc) that the C-Arc series allows range from -30° to 30°; 4 The modules adopt soft PCB boards with special layout designs; this ensures that the arc surface of the screen is always smooth; 5 The cabinets adopt a no-fan design; the generated noise is always under 40DB when the screen is working; this will not impact the live visual and acoustic effects; 6 The C-Arc series presents HD visual effects – by the technology of white balance and point-by-point color calibration, the high uniformity and consistency of the images are guaranteed; 7 3 cabinets can be put together into a screen with a 90°arc; in other words, 12 cabinets can form into a circular-shaped screen; 8 As curved LED screens, the C-Arc series is widely used as stage screens for rental services, and mainly applied in trade shows and indoor stage shows; in addition, it can also be applied as indoor fixed screens;
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