The development of outdoor advertising market in 2020 and look forward to the future

  • 2021-05-24

Outdoor advertising is a medium for all consumers going out. Therefore, the long-term epidemic war in 2020 has a great impact on outdoor media, especially due to the sporadic recurrence and variation of the epidemic, the test and popularization of vaccine effectiveness still need time and other major problems. Consumers will continue to maintain a prudent attitude towards travel, and the future of outdoor media is still facing challenges. From the perspective of macro environment, combined with industry observation and consumer trend, this issue of media through train will deeply analyze the development of outdoor advertising market in 2020 and look forward to the future.

The main observations were as follows

The overall outdoor investment has gradually recovered, but the macro changes are still facing great challenges: thanks to the normalization of people's lives and activities, outdoor investment has accelerated with the recovery of consumers, especially offline consumers. According to the data released by GroupM, it has recovered to nearly 80% of last year. However, due to the sporadic repetition and variation of the epidemic situation, consumers will still maintain a cautious attitude to go out, and offline gathering scenes are facing increasingly strict control. Therefore, in the short term, outdoor advertising is still facing challenges, but the logic of advertising will still take "efficiency" and "adjusting measures to local conditions" as the key words for development.

There is internal differentiation in outdoor advertising, and the scene effect will be further enhanced: the consumption and travel scenes of consumers have changed for a long time due to the impact of the epidemic, and the role of outdoor media also shows internal differentiation. Outdoor media with daily high traffic such as business district and work scene, airport resources of tourism and business city will be more popular, and there will be more different new ways to play.

Outdoor media accelerates its integration into the delivery matrix, and makes use of geographical characteristics to complement different forms of online advertising: outdoor media takes its own unique resource characteristics as the entry point, continuously digitalizes to enhance the efficiency of publishing and information dissemination, makes use of technology and creativity to interact with consumers more effectively and deliver content, and cooperates with social software and live broadcast function to strengthen advertising investment Let's see the effect.

In the outdoor case collection in the third quarter, we also see that outdoor media has been strengthening cooperation with other forms of media. One is to make use of its own geographical advantages to enhance the communication efficiency with consumers. It can not only link social and short video platforms with outdoor large screen live broadcast, but also cover consumers more widely with online and offline linkage, and also provide services through flash and interaction The second is to get through online and offline by scanning the code, and strengthen the communication between the existing and potential audiences by the unique content of the brand; the third is to communicate with consumers through technology and innovation, and carry out online secondary communication through video shooting to enhance the communication effect.

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