“Ever Given" ran aground

  • 2021-03-17

On the morning of the 23rd, Cairo time, the super-large container ship "Ever Given" belonging to Taiwan's Evergreen Shipping Group ran aground on the Suez Canal, resulting in the suspension of this important waterway in the world.

According to reports from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and other foreign media, the "Ever Given" voyage will depart from Yantian Port in Shenzhen, China, and is scheduled to arrive at the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands on the 31st of this month. However, at around 7:40 am Cairo time on the 23rd, the "Ever Given" suddenly lost its rudder when passing through the Suez Canal and ran aground. According to reports, the stranded location is located at the southern end of the Suez Canal, about 20 kilometers northeast of Suez City. As the "Ever Given" is 400 meters long and inclined at 45 degrees, the Suez Canal can be said to be completely blocked.

The scene pictures released by the Suez Canal Authority also showed that the bulbous bow of the "Ever Given" had touched the shore and was buried in the sand.

Julianne Cona is a crew member of the American freighter Maersk Denver. She posted on social media that she was lucky enough to witness the incident because her ship was behind the "Ever Given", and because of this stranding accident, the ship behind almost hit the "Maersk Denver".

Julian Kona also said that several tugboats and excavators have been trying to get the "Ever Given" out of trouble, but it still seems to be "stuck". Later on the 23rd, Singapore’s BSM, the manager of the “Long Ci”, issued a statement stating that the accident did not cause casualties or pollution leakage, and the company will actively cooperate with the Suez Canal Authority’s rescue work.

Evergreen Shipping said that Singapore’s BSM reported that the cause of the accident was suspected to be that the ship was suddenly hit by a crosswind of 42 knots (equivalent to a force 9 wind), which caused the ship to deviate from the course and accidentally bottomed and grounded. However, the specific details remain. To be clarified. They urged Singapore's BSM company and related units such as the Canal Authority to develop plans to help ships get out of trouble as soon as possible.

Taiwan’s transportation department disclosed that on the day of the incident, the relevant units found 8 tugboats to try to tow the "Ever Given" back to the original channel, but they were unsuccessful. Now wait for the water level to rise before trying again. If there are still difficulties, they will consider being on the spot. discharge. An official of the Suez Canal Authority estimated that it may take two days before the canal can be reopened. If this speculation comes true, this accident will be the most serious accident since the Suez Canal was interrupted for three days after the Liberian 100,000-ton tanker "Tropic Brilliance" stranded in 2004.

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