C-Sport P8,10 Stadium Perimeter LED Display

C-Sport P8,10 Stadium Perimeter LED Display

P8,P10 C-Sport LED display adopt virtual replacement technology. Virtual ads could be transmitted to different countries instead of the real ads in stadium.

Quick Details

• Cabinet size: 960*960mm

• Brightness≤5800nits

Front or back maintenance


• Intelligent perimeter LED display.
• Virtual replacement technology, powered by IR LED.
• Fast Installation and maintenance cabinet design.
• Soft protection kit design to protect players from harm.
• Negative pressure heat-dissipation system, further guarantees the reliability.
Available for remote monitoring by App.

  • Product Details

Virtual Replacement Technology

The ads seen on the stadium's perimrter LED display during broadcast coverage was completely different to that in the stadium and different in each targeted territory.

Front Maintenance Design

If any problem happened during the game, it could be resolved in seconds.

Soft Protection Kit Design

It can ensure player's safety when player hit against on the display.

Efficient Cooling System

Double flow negative pressure cooling system and heat-dissipating technologies in the outdoor cabinets

Remote Monitoring By App

Avaiable for remote monitoring by App: Running hours, Humidity and Temperature inner cabinet, individual LED detection, stastus of power supplies, modules, cables, etc.


Product Serises


Pixel Pitch

 8, 10mm

Cabinet size




Color temperature


Refresh frequency


Working temperature


Protection grade


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Quick Details • Cabinet size: 1280*960mm/pcs • Brightness: 6000~6500nits • Front and rear maintenance Advantages • New stadium base design,The angle between the screen and the ground can be adjusted from 30° to 90° to ensure the viewing angle of the audience. • Soft face shield protection, athletes and LED screens are perfectly protected. • The cabinet is made of cast aluminum, which is light and thin, and has good heat dissipation, which slows down the aging of the power module. • The module can be maintained quickly and the operation is simple and convenient. • High protection, protection level ≥IP65. • Strong compatibility, both indoor and outdoor courts can be hoisted and stacked to meet the needs of customers in multiple occasions. • Energy-saving, about 1/3 energy-saving than the traditional screen, greatly reducing the operating cost of the display. • Professional stadium playback software, diversified input of camera video sources, support for DP, HDMD, VGA, SDL, DVD, etc.

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P25 outdoor high transparent glass curtain screen. Installation without steel structure. 60%-80% transparency, glass curtain more vivid and not affect viewing. Quick Details • High brightness≥7000nits • IP65, strong adaptablity • Front and rear serviceable • Size: 1500*500mm/pcs Advantages: • Light weight, thin and transparent. • Transparency ratio up to 63%. • Low power consumption. • High-cost effective without supporting structure. • Fast plug in and out the power cable and signal cable. Application: outdoor upper-air glass curtain wall, outdoor partition wall, exhibition hall, airport, park landscape etc.

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C-Fit P4,P5,P6,P6.6,P8,P10 LED screen is multi-functional outdoor advertising solution, it's worth every penny of it. Quick Details: • High Brightness: 6000~9000nits • IP65, reliable for working under extreme climate. • 10 years life time • Size: 960*960*140mm/pcs • Fixed installation for advertisement, hanging installation and sports perimeter display Advantages: • Magnesium alloy cabinet, corrosiveness resistance and rusty. • Lighter and thinner. save transport cost and reduce bearing requirements of buildings and steel structures. • P4 to P16 standard outdoor modules available, can match the same cabinet,for lower upgrade costs. • High precision, CNC process, contour tolerance± 0.1mm, planeness tolerance<0.5mm. • Efficient cooling system, double flow negative pressure cooling system and heat-dissipating technologies.

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C-Fit-Easy P8 Front Maintenance Outdoor Advertising LED Display

Features: 1. The cabinet is ultra-thin and only 59MM (without power box). 2. Complete front and rear maintenance, the power box can be removed from the front. 3. The box size is 640X640MM, weight is 12kg/cabinet, the splicing is very convenient. 4. Aviation head wiring between modules, fast installation and removal. 5. The module is fully enclosed, and the module itself can achieve IP65 waterproof level.

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C-Easy P5,6.6,8,10,16 Outdoor LED Sign Module Energy Saving

P5,P6.67,P8,P10,P16 C-Easy is a front and rear serviceable, energy-saving outdoor LED sign module. Quick  Details: • High brightness: ≤8500nits • Module size: 320*320mm/pcs • Front or rear maintenance • IP65 protection grade • Fast installation and maintenance Advantages: • Energy-saving≥30%. • High accuracy and high flatness. • Replaceable modules, fast and easy replace. • 320*320mm module size, you can assemble it into different size screens.

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P3.07 Die-cast Aluminum Full Color Car Roof Screen

Features 1. The shell is made of cast aluminum and transparent board, and it is installed in an inverted style, which has good rainproof effect; 2. The exterior of the screen adopts a bright surface spraying process, which can be well matched with the car paint; 3. There is a hole at the bottom of the screen for installation with the roof bracket for easy installation; 4. Using DC to DC wide voltage 9 to 36 volt power supply, which can be used by almost all cars; 5. The screen body comes with a delayed start-up function, which does not affect the start of the car; 6. Accurate and efficient with Global GPS fixed-point placement; 7. Wireless control with mobile phone and pad, and the operation interface is simple and practical; 8. Real-time monitoring of the screen; 9. Full color cloud sending Android system architecture, Full Netcom 4G communication; 10. Ali Cloud in-vehicle TAXI_HUB dedicated platform service escorts you in-vehicle interconnection; 11. Standard WiFi module, support platform hotspot Internet access, car hotspot Internet access; 12. Support third-party APP, platform, microservice docking, safe, efficient and reliable; 13. Traffic trajectory, mileage, advertising log statistics, graphical and intuitive.

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C-Smart P4,5,6.6,10 Outdoor LED Sign Non-Cabinet

P4,P5,P6.6,P10 C-Smart is an simple integrated front and rear serviceable LED Screen.Non-cabinet and fully modular design for easy assembly and repair to reduce cost of installation. Quick Details: • High brightness: 4500~8500nits • Ultra-light: 3.55kg/pcs • Fast and easy installatin • IP 65 protection grade Advantages: • No cabinet design, only need a simple frame to hold the modules, which can reduce a big cost of installation. • Front or rear maintenance, save 800-1000mm space than normal back maintenance. • Quick setup. use fast locks and connectors for fast installation, no screws needed. • Bulit-in receiving card and power supply with data memory. • Fully sealed components, simplified waterproof connections, IP65. Appplication: Used for monument signs, led message center, pole signs and pylon signs etc, it can also be assembled into a big billboard.

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