This is Why You Should Use Small Pixel LED Display For Your Upcoming Projects !

  • 2022-11-29

Small Pixel LED display is one of the industry's leading screen displays. It has excellent image quality, overcoming the technical challenge of high brightness and low grayscale.

This display has widespread acceptance and is rapidly expanding. The LED display, as opposed to the traditional lamp, has beads. Pitch refers to the distance between adjacent LED lamp beads.


Is there anything special about the Small Pixel LED display? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about it.


What is LED Display Pixel Pitch?

The knowledge you understand an LED display's pixel pitch characterizes your level of comprehension of the visual display. A pixel pitch is just the separation between two pixels. The unit of measurement is millimeters.

The distance is measured between the midpoints of two adjacent pixels. Simple terms, a higher pitch indicates a bigger distance between two consecutive pixels, and a lower pitch denotes a smaller distance.

What Makes LED Display a Small Pixel?

Based on the general agreement in the industry, a LED display that has a less than 3mm dot pitch is a small-pitch light-emitting diode display. A quality small pixel LED display from a reliable manufacturer has a high resolution per unit area.

Even when standing close to the display, a small pixel pitch has a good resolution. When it comes to displaying, you are sure of displaying high-definition graphic videos and images.

Information can display very well with high resolution under a similar small size. The audience can stay close to the display and still see it well. Allowing people close to the display to see well makes a small pixel pitch display suitable for a small space.

Small Pixel Pitch: Is it a Better Choice for LED Displays?

The visual performance and viewing distance of LED display displays are typically determined by pixel pitch. The image contains finer features and a lower pixel pitch when it comes to image displays.

Without any pixel judder, viewers may stand close to the LED display and still see sharp images. The majority of individuals favour tiny pixel pitch when considering viewing distance. It offers the clearest vision while viewed up close.

How to Pick the Best LED Display Wall with Small Pixel Pitch

Some aspects must be taken into consideration while analyzing small pixel pitches in order to make the best choice. Some of the features include:

ü  Transmission Quality

For a display with a narrow pixel pitch to operate properly, the transmission tools are absolutely essential. The monitoring system, for instance, requests signal transfer in the formats of 1080I, 1080P, H.265, etc.

ü  Setup Site

Think about the viewing distance for the image. When viewed up close from a small LED display, the quality of the image is sharper. Think about using a higher pixel pitch for distant viewing.

ü  Fill Ratio

We are aware that LED displays are made up of dots. The image appears fragmentary and unevenly bright as you move closer. A single dot can appear five times larger and be painful to the eyes.

Buy from us high-quality small pixel pitch LED displays

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