High Energy Saving Outdoor Large LED Billboard——C-Vent P16

  • 2022-02-22

Nowadays, green development has become an important trend. Many countries and regions regard the development of green industries as an important measure to promote economic restructuring, highlighting the concept and connotation of green. In order to better implement the concept of green development, Chipshow has developed a high-efficiency and energy-saving outdoor ventilation screen C-Vent.

C-Vent P16 ventilation outdoor LED screen is suitable for large outdoor advertising. Compared with the traditional design, the product adopts ventilation modules and cabinets. It can effectively reduce wind resistance and load-bearing requirements for coastal strong wind areas and old buildings, and is safe and reliable. It has strong adaptability; secondly, it is light in weight, which reduces the labor cost of installation. At the same time, the demand for steel structure is reduced, which saves a lot of steel structure costs. What is worth mentioning is that its heat dissipation capacity is strong, and the traditional outdoor screen, fans or air conditioners are required to dissipate heat for the screen to ensure normal operation and prolong the service life. C-Vent has good ventilation and heat dissipation due to its structure, which saves cost and is environmentally friendly.

The following are the characteristics of the C-Vent P16 outdoor LED screen :

1. The module can be maintained front and rear, IP65 waterproof, independent disassemble, does not interfere with the power box receiving card.

2. Effectively reduce wind resistance, reduce the load-bearing requirements of buildings in coastal strong wind areas, and save steel structures.

3. The module and cabinets are ventilation and light in weight. The 960mmX960mm cabinet is only 38KG, and low installation cost.

4. Using Dip 346 lamp, high brightness, low power and corrosion resistance.

5. Ventilation design, natural heat dissipation by air convection between the screens, no need for air conditioning, noise reduction and energy saving.

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