COB LED Display Technology, The Future of LED Display Industry !

  • 2022-11-18

Humans are visual beings. For a variety of purposes and activities, we rely heavily on visual information. The distribution formats of visual information are constantly changing as technology advances. Content is now distributed in the form of digital media as a result of the various digital displays available in the digitalization era.

One of the most widely used display solutions is LED display technology. The limitations of traditional displays such as static signage, billboards, and banners are now well fully grasped by most businesses. For better opportunities, they are turning to LED displays or LED screens.

Types of LED package

There are Four LED package types that are widely used in commercial displays, they are

1. DIP LED (Dual line-in Package)

2. SMD LED (Surface Mounted Device)

3. GOB LED (Glue-on-Board)

4. COB LED (Chip-on-Board)

COB LED Display

Chip-on-Board or "COB" refers to  a method of assembly that involves directly mounting an array of diodes on a single substrate or printed circuit board. This design requires only one circuit and two contacts, regardless of the number of diodes used. COB LED is one of the latest and most updated LED inventions in LED display industry.

While SMD LED's can contain up to 3 diodes on a single chip, COB LED's can contain 9 or more diodes. A single COB LED chip has only two contacts and a circuit, regardless of how many diodes are soldered on an LED substrate. This has significantly reduced the rate of failure. 

cob led screen

COB display technology sounds similar to GOB display technology, but it has a longer development history and has recently been adopted in some major manufacturers' promoted products.

The classic features of traditional led technology include wide viewing angle, high color uniformity, high contrast, high power efficiency, and so on. The most important aspect is the use of COB to achieve high protection performance such as collision avoidance, moisture proofing, and dust proofing, in short, higher environmental adaptability, and this led coating technology to achieve pixel level protection.

Obviously, COB technology, the same as GOB, is focusing for a high-protection display. Relative to the cost, COB has a risky process of wavelength and color splitting and picking for all chips on the boards, achieving high perfect color uniformity for the entire display. However, GOB can achieve good color uniformity because the modules were made and tested in the traditional manner before the special gluing. COB maintenance is another issue that needs to be addressed.

And its own Delta-enhanced COB technology, which boasts high brightness for small pitch LED displays, up to 3000Nits, which is three times brighter than most high-resolution LED displays. It claims to use micro-LED by incorporating three discrete Red, Green, and Blue monochrome micro-LED on board.

COB LED Display Technology Applications

COB Technology has several applications. Here are few examples from them;

1. COB Technology can be used in street lights to improve their efficiency.

2. LED lamps used in homes usually produce a lot of heat, consuming a lot of power and heating up the house. In these LED lamps, COB technology can be used to reduce power consumption and heat dissipation.

3. COB technology can be used in playground lighting because it is more efficient and has a wider viewing angle.

4. To improve photo results, COB LED technology can be used in smartphone camera flashes.

Small pitch display


LED screen technology has improved at a rapid pace in recent years. The technology has brought various LED display models to the market. These developments benefit both businesses and consumers.

While we believe that COB LED displays will become the next big thing in the industry, every type of LED display packaging has advantages and disadvantages. No such thing as "The Best" LED display exists. The best LED display will be one that perfectly fits your applications and requirements.


Choosing the correct LED is not an easy decision. There are many different LED's in the market. You can only make the correct decision once you are well informed. Make sure to do your research to find which ones are the best for you. If you have any further questions, please contact us!

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