Chipshow Intelligent Perimeter LED Display

  • 2020-07-15

Virtual Replacement Technology on Chipshow Intelligent Perimeter LED displays can bring you more sales of ads. The ads seen on the stadium’s perimeter LED display during broadcast coverage was completely different to that in the stadium and different in each targeted territory.


It uses the special LED lamp which can emit infrared rays, has an IPX6 waterproof rating, wide viewing angle, perfect color consistency, and high reliability. This LED lamp is a special 4in1 encapsulation design that RGB and IR chips are encapsulated together. It looks like a regular SMD2727 LED lamp which emits visible RGB light, but it also emits infrared rays of wavelength in the range of 760nm-1mm which is invisible to eye.


Since each pixel is an infrared source, the infrared rays display area can be positioned by the infrared cameras, and the image edge recognition technology is used to determine the position of the perimeter displays in the moving lens.


At the same time, the virtual content management can cover the infrared rays display area with the different virtual ads through video processors, and these virtual ads could be transmitted to different countries instead of the real ads.


In addition to the virtual replacement technology, Chipshow Intelligent Perimeter LED display has the fast installation and parts replacement cabinet design which is more convenient and efficient for maintenance. In terms of electrical performance, it continues Chipshow’s military-grade quality standard in Outdoor high-end LED displays. It is reliable for working in all-weather, and has high brightness and low power consumption.


Chipshow Intelligent Perimeter LED display also is available for remote monitoring by APP including: Running hours, Humidity and Temperature inner cabinet, Individual LED Detection, and status of power supplies, modules, cables etc.


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