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  • 2020-08-15

Global outbreak of the epidemic is having a great impact on the global economy, avoiding large-scale cluster infections and incapable of gathering activities, resulting in a sharp decline in on-site rental activities.

Faced with a severe situation, in dire straits, customers and Chipshow are faced with sharp difficulties.And above all, it tests everyone's EQ and adverse quotient.

Chipshow C-Lite rental led screen for events in Europe

As European countries are easing lockdown, rental activities were slowly recovered ,To avoid customers from gathering infection.,There is no need for customers to visit factories or visit European warehouses for testing the relevant parameters of the display.

Chipshow and customers adopt online communication, online real-time video, and customers check whether the relevant requirements such as brightness are met, and then prepare to purchase.

Chipshow C-Lite rental led screen for events in Europe

Crisis is a chance. The customer's inverse quotient is as amazing as ever. Customers’Brainstorming creates a variety of splendid rental activities.

To prevent cluster infections, everyone maintains a safe social distance. The audience chooses to watch the concert in the car and various activities.

Chipshow C-Lite rental led screen for events in Europe

Chipshow analyzes the epidemic situation and understand customer psychology. It is key to seize "Survival of the epidemic" business,

Chipshow C-Lite rental led screen for events in Europe

There are always stockings in holland warehouse, We hires local Dutch employees to delivery goods for us.

P3.91 indoor and outdoor, P4.81 outdoor high configuration, high refresh (3840HZ), high time efficiency, lightning delivery, satisfying customers Rapid investment needs, reducing production and transportation link time.

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