Chipshow Indoor LED Video Wall Screen Case Highlights

  • 2020-03-06

Chipshow Indoor LED Video Wall screen Case Highlights

Chipshow continuously implements the corporate mission of "concentrating on making excellent screens". We are professional in outdoor LED display and we also good at large indoor led video wall screen. This time, we list the classic cases of Chipshow in the indoor screen field. Let us see them together.

1、Data visualization

ABC NEWS Station

Broadcast level display without drop shadow and flash screen

Creative installation fits studio scene design

Building "the most intelligent News Studio" in the United States

EU summit in Belgium

One main screen + two auxiliary screens

guaranteeing perfect picture and image to this large conference

Showing the strength of Chinese brand to the world

Commissioning center of a reservoir in Pu'er

Realizing integration and sharing of operating information in each scenario

Presenting big data visualization

Macao Casino

Interactive LED visualization solution for wall-mounted installation

High-definition indoor led video wall display

Combined with casino lights and sound

Presenting us a different visual experience

Paris Academy Conference Hall

Fully front service structure save manpower and material resources for later maintenance

Low light and high gray effect for high contrast in sharp mode

It also reflects the original intention of the product

That is reasonable and efficient media

2、Indoor stage display

Large Charity Evening in Singapore

Realizing the creative design of the event

Colorful led video wall let us get a better stage

Singapore Mass Congress

The led video wall from Chipshow become the official designated screen for this important event for four consecutive years

It is enough to prove the our excellent product quality and excellent service

Indian National New Year Party

Chipshow indoor led screen bring the creative design for the audience

Dubai Motor Show

Chipshow provided multi-scenario LED display and help customer to get a upgrade car luxury and sense of technology

Chipshow indoor led video wall display solutions are widely used in conference halls, shops, subways, studios, command and control scenarios around the world, and create value for customers from all walks of life. We will continue to innovate and upgrade, integrate the industry's leading edge technology, and lead the era of fine-pixel pitch of commercial display.

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