How does LED display work?

How does LED display work?

  • 2021-09-27

LED display systems are actually very simple in concept, they are simply what you would see on a computer or TV screen. An LED display system would convert the input source into a format accepted by LED displays.

Digital LED Panels

An LED panels are comprised of 4 main components:

1.LED Lamp Embedded Panels

2.Aluminum or Iron Housing Cabinets

3.Receiving Cards

4.Power Units

The receiving cards are responsible for processing signal and displaying them on the panels, finally giving you the dynamic media you want to display on your digital signage.

Aluminum and iron housings provide structure, rigidity, and high IP ratings, protecting against the elements.

The Source

A computer with a video output port serves as the media source. The output, be it VGA, HDMI, or DVI, will plug into a conversion hub.

LED display systems


Signal from a computer will be converted into ethernet signal through a video processor or sending card,then passed along to the digital LED display.

Video processors are standalone units while sending cards are intended to be embedded into an existing computer.

Video Processors

Video processors enable you to have total control over your screen inputs, giving you the ability to change on the fly and put on dynamic shows.

Sending Cards

Bridging the gap between media sources and the LED display panels, sending cards transmit digital signal to the panels.

Receiving Cards

Inside each LED display panel lives a receiving card. These convert signal to visual experiences on the screen.

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