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  • 2022-08-12

Because of its feasibility, simplicity and low cost, all parties predict that XR virtual shooting technology, which has been popular since 2022, will definitely have great potential in the future.


XR shooting can use camera tracking and real-time image rendering technology to make the virtual scene displayed on the large screen track the camera's perspective in real time, and combine it with the real shot before the camera lens, so as to create an infinite sense of space. For example, in the film and television industry, actors can build shooting scenes with XR real-time rendering engine. Through server output synthesis, they can map the spatial relationship between characters and scenes in real time, and use rendering technology to restore the dynamic digital scene in the camera in the LED screen, so that actors can perform in the virtual space built by the LED screen. Applying this 3D scene template and real lighting simulation technology to the film production can create a real depth of field change for the audience, and it is difficult for the naked eye to distinguish defects

Immersive LED display

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, travel has been subject to many restrictions, especially if the film advertising team has to go to different regions to shoot, it is very troublesome and the cost is not small. XR virtual shooting can complete the shooting of different time and space scenes in a fixed time and space, regardless of location and seasons, greatly reducing the travel cost and greatly improving the convenience.

led display

low cost
Compared with the traditional green screen technology, the shooting technology team can interactively play on the LED display screen in the 3D environment created by it. In the process, it can not only edit the played content in real time, but also accurately track the pixels, and conduct perspective correction on the high-resolution rendered 3D images, said Yu Lujun, technical director of Sicheng stage design. Secondly, LED display screen stage technology and playback technology have greatly reduced the post production time for the visual effects department, and the video production cost has also been greatly reduced. Moreover, the LED giant screen stage combined with XR technology presents more accurate highlights, reflections and bounces on the film reflective clothing. In this way, XR extended reality virtual shooting can allow the director to directly experience the real-time picture on the scene, shorten the workflow, greatly reduce the later workload, improve the production efficiency, and create more magic scenes according to the director's needs. The use of LED screen and virtual production technology in shooting has changed the traditional way of film production and brought more possibilities and convenience for film shooting. The combination of virtual production technology and video production can greatly save production time and cost.

HD led screen

Schematic diagram of XR shooting system

XR virtual photographing system

Requirements for LED display screen in XR virtual shooting

Different from the ordinary display screen, the LED display screen used for virtual photographing must have the characteristics of high stability, good performance and good quality. Therefore, it is difficult for many manufacturers just at these points. So, what are the characteristics of the LED display screen used for XR virtual shooting.

High contrast
Virtual photographing is an infinite demand for approaching the real scene, and higher contrast makes the picture appear more real, which can be said to be an endless demand.

High brightness
Compared with the traditional green screen, the LED display screen background is prone to reflection, while the high brightness and high contrast make the reflection difficult to detect.

Super vision
Unlike the conventional large screen, XR virtual scene needs to cooperate with multi angle camera to complete the multi Scene Effect of film or other film and television production, so it requires LED display screen to have a wider field of vision in practical application.

Display effect
In general, light source devices used for XR shooting are more demanding. Especially in film shooting, due to the high requirements of film level, even the automobile level reliability standard is required. In actual use, it is also necessary to ensure the corresponding display effect and create an immersive atmosphere.

indoor led display

Chipshow XR virtual shooting dedicated LED display

Rental displayC-lite-plus

High end led display helps XR virtual shooting
In order to meet the high requirements of XR virtual photography for LED display screen, Qipu optoelectronic R & D team actively responded and invested a lot of technical resources to develop a new product c-lite plus with excellent reliability and performance.

C-lite plus adopts professional stage rental box design and uses high-precision die-casting aluminum box. The assembly is smooth and seamless, and the picture is more realistic; The module adopts the front and rear maintenance magnetic attraction design, which is very convenient for disassembly and assembly, and can meet the high-efficiency requirements of the shooting scene.

At the same time, in order to better realize the XR display effect of the product, customized high color gamut lamp beads are used to make the virtual display more real; For the requirement of high refresh rate, the high refresh design is specially made for hardware IC and scan number, and the super-high brush of 3840hz and 7680hz can be achieved.

In addition, c-lite plus adopts a special XR shooting system, which can support HDR, 22bit +, fine grayscale, color management, low delay, 14 channel color calibration, 3dlut, color curve and other functions.

Focusing on quality and persisting in innovation is the enterprise philosophy of Qipu optoelectronics. In terms of R & D, Qipu optoelectronics has continuously invested in human and material resources. In the future, it will also explore more new high-end technologies. If you are interested in XR virtual photography, please contact us!

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