Embellish Your Company With Smart LED Screen Tiles

  • 2021-04-18

    As we all know, a good led display screen can not only play a decorative role, but also promote the company and bring commercial value products.

What is the good led display product? In the eyes of end customers, it can be installed quickly, with less or even no need to install the structure. Client can install it by himself with simple trainning without finding a professional team. The adjustment is lit, the quality is stable without any after-sales trouble.

Chipshow C-smart series perfectly meet all the needs of end customers. This screen is outdoor P6.67 with size of 1.28 meters X 2.88 meters. It is installed on the external wall of the client's company to display the company's logo and the local time. It looks like a traditional poster from a distance.




The features of C-smart can be listed as follows .

1. Modular design, the whole screen is made up of modules, frames and control box, easy for the clients to change the components without professional training.

2. 640*320mm cabinet frame can build up any size of screen

3. Easy maintenance . Only use professional tool ,rotating 6 holes at front ,then module can be taken out.

4. Ultra-light and ultra-thin design.IP68 front and rear .

l Ultra-light: only 15.7kg for 640X960mm and 5kg for 640X320mm .

l Ultra-thin: only 75mm thinness

5. Few wires, less trouble. Fast plugging and unplugging. The two-in-one design of power cable and signal cable reduce the failure caused by more wires.

6. Multi-function .Widely use for outdoor advertising, showcase, perimeter. Supporting fixed,hanging and wall-mounted installation. Also it can be used for perimeter if adding brackets and pillows.

Since its establishment, Chipshow has focused on the R&D, production, sales and service of LED full-color displays, committed to high-end outdoor displays, and guided by user needs, providing customers with a full range of product solutions.

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