Chipshow Huizhou industrial park was put into production, intelligently upgraded to release production capacity

  • 2021-09-29

Chipshow production line moved to Huizhou

Excellent in quality and persistent in innovation

After 20 years of development, we never forget our original intention. Since its establishment, Chipshow has been adhering to the original aspiration and taking "outdoor LED display expert" as its vision. In the past 20 years, we have been down-to-earth and determined to move forward and have achieved brilliant results. With the continuous development and growth of business, Chipshow has reached a new level and successfully settled in Huizhou Zhongkai Zhongnan Science and Technology Park in September 2021, providing a larger stage for future development.

New look, unchanging original intention

High-end outdoor LED display expert

Complete relocation planning, clear relocation goals, and vigorous relocation actions have enabled the relocation work to proceed smoothly. Recently, we have completed all relocation tasks for the production workshop and the aging workshop, and officially put into production.

Introduction to the new production line

Never forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind

The aging workshop on the first floor is 1500 square meter, six 32 * 5 meter automatic aging lines, can achieve 600 square meters production capacity of LED display with pixel pitch between P2~P31.25 per day, and 6000 square meter per month; with full intelligent calibration equipment and calibration room, automatic rain equipment, vibration equipment, high and low temperature test equipment, etc., to ensure product quality.

The 750 square meter pre-installation workshop on the second floor has 5 fully automated online glue filling lines, 1 non-online automatic glue filling line, 2 rear welding lines, 4 online automatic high-speed screw machine lines, 8 non-online screw machine lines, daily production capacity 100 square meter, monthly production capacity is around 3000 square meter;

After-installation workshop on the second floor is 750 square meters, with 2 semi-automatic assembly lines, with a daily production capacity of 50 square meter and a monthly production capacity of about 1500 square meter;

The SMD workshop on the third floor is 750 square meter, 6 Fuji and Samsung automatic high-speed mounter lines, with a daily production capacity of 90 square meter, and a monthly production capacity of about 2700 square meter; it has 10 fully-constant oven lines, 4 automatic reflow soldering lines, and AOI fully intelligent 4 testing equipment lines to ensure product quality.

The DIP workshop on the third floor is 750 square meters, 6 global automatic plug-in machine lines, 2 automatic wave soldering wires, daily production capacity 60 square meter, monthly production capacity is about 1,800 square meter; fully intelligent temperature control testing equipment to ensure product quality. Intelligent warehouse 1500 square meter; fully intelligent U8, OA system management are on the fourth floor.

The office area on the fifth floor is 1,500 square meter; a fully intelligent monitoring and management system, mainly including the chairman's office, senior management office, lean production office, PMC, procurement office, engineering technology department office, after-sales service department, etc.

It is no doubt that a complete management system improves communication efficiency, a complete and further expanded production line ensures a great increase in production capacity, strict quality inspection, and 24/7 after-sales service. Every detail created with heart is our attitude of focusing on making screens and serving customers with full heart.

Looking back, we have made outstanding achievements and looking forward to the future, we are full of pride. The relocation of our production base to Huizhou is our new beginning. New starting point, new journey, wish us better and better at this new starting, and create new brilliance!

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