Chipshow C-Lite P4.81 LED Billboard Project in Romania

  • 2022-11-25

An LED billboard could be the ideal answer if you've been seeking for ways to increase the value of your property and generate new revenue opportunities. Regional or inner city is essential to determine whether your site is suitable for a digital billboard.


LED display screen initially became the most popular advertising carrier for advertisers in the new media era because of its vivid colors and clear images, which provided the audience with stunning visual effects and maximized the commercial value of media advertising.


For LED Display Billboard, simplicity of installation, easy maintenance, light weight, high brightness, long lifespan and high performance are always important. Customer satisfactions attest to the fact that Chipshow C-Lite Series is an all-in-one solution for such kinds of requirements.


Chipshow provides C-Lite PlusC-Lite Outdoor LED screen characterized by assembly process and maintenance, high resolution, long lifespan, a variety of bright colors, fast signal transmission, and a stable operating system, which provides as a great visual medium for LED Billboard.

Chipshow C-Lite P4.81 LED Billboard Project in Romania

Such a project done by one of our customer in Romania, where our Chipshow C-Lite C P4.81 LED display has been used. It is used as a Big Billboard install on a poll next to Highway.


For that project we have given supply of total 24 square meters of LED display, it is two sided billboard so each side has 12 square meters of screen. Total 5 cabinet has been used for each side of the screen.


Chipshow is working day and night to develop the updated technology for the future of the LED industry. That’s why Chipshow product has been hot sale product in USA and Europe. Chipshow has built warehouse in USA and Europe to serve the customer as quick as possible. For your upcoming project get our help anytime, anywhere you need, so contact us right now!

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