Celebrated for the French National Day with C-LITE-D series

  • 2021-07-30

Celebrated for the French National Day with C-LITE-D series

C-LITE-D series of rental products are quickly introduced to the market due to their high-quality display effects, simple design and lightweight cabinets, and are favored by customers.

The front maintenance structure is more conducive to the construction of on-site rental activities, saving maintenance costs and installation and disassembly time.

Picture shows a local event in northern France celebrating the French National Day. This product can be used after simple debugging without any complicated and tedious procedures.

In the past, the leasing products were just repeating the old functions, but our C-LITE-D series products were based on the original functions after market research to innovate, for example, the control box at the rear of the cabinet was designed to be disassembled in one piece. The using wires has reduced, and a power switch is added to each box to realize the possibility of disassembling a single box when the entire screen is used, and the safety is greatly improved.

Continuous attention to customer needs has always been the unremitting pursuit of Chipshow!

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