Advanced LED Display Using in Retail Store

  • 2022-11-04

In recent years, the concept of the LED display for retail store has been a great usage for various industries. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's attention to shopping has become more and more focused on the experience and feeling of the consumption process. In traditional retail stores, merchants use posters to promote marketing products. 


With the consumer’s aesthetic desire, the enhancement of consumption force and the diversification of brand competition methods, static advertisements can no longer effectively attract consumers ’attention. To change this situation, many businesses have introduced LED displays to stores. The display screen is used for the dynamic display of products and brand publicity. The store also deepens its brand image through the LED display screen and also increases the number of consumers. 


According to customer’s point of view Chipshow has different series of LED displays which can meet the requirements for the advanced LED display for retail store.

Retail Store Displays Will Boost the LED Industry's Growth


Some market analysis predicts that advanced retail store displays will maintain a high compound annual growth rate of more than 100% in the next few years, and the overall market size will reach 1.5 trillion yuan in 2025, thus becoming an important driving force for continued consumption growth. 

Traditional brick-and-mortar retail builds beautiful stores and shopping malls and provides customers special sentiment with quality products, courteous service, as well as environmental space, lighting, and beauty placement. However, such a scenario has been over-commercialized for decades. 


The same experience is increasingly less attractive for consumers. Therefore, the scene creation with the large LED screen as the display terminal has begun to be loved by more and more people. 


Additionally, as small pitches are developed, along with interactions with infrared, VR, AR, 3D, and collaborative and interactive technology, LED display technology can better leverage its inherent advantages, such as seamless stitching and inventive modeling, in the new retail field. As a result, it will undoubtedly take over as the industry leader in this sector. You constantly seek for technologies based on business scenarios, as Steve Jobs put it. In order for LED displays to succeed in the emerging retail sector, they must also continually improve their offerings to meet consumer demands.


Future Development Trends of Displays for Retail Store Screens


Future terminal display scene innovation should focus on "planning, interaction, and experience," and the scene should be incorporated with more cross-border elements to meet the consumer's emotional needs for professionalization and planning. Experience can be varied to revitalize commercial space and vibe. The LED screen has evolved into a means of communicating customers' appreciation for the value of shopping malls and products.


The real-time live interactive experience is the realistic path for LED display products. Our LED display industry has already begun to use digital interaction to strengthen the interaction between the screen and the audience and has created many successful cases. For example, McDonald's uses the real-time data of the Meteorological Bureau on the LED large screen combined with its products to do weather forecasting. Other examples include LED display with AR fitting function, many "have-a-scan" games on large screens, live-streaming and so on. 


From normal retail store advertisement to advanced retail store displays, the change goes beyond literally the word new to all the innovation brought by new sales scenarios, new connections between businesses and consumers, and new display technologies. The future retail store is no longer just a storefront, but someplace like an art museum, inviting people to walk into a multi-dimensional world. What is enjoyed transcends the original conception of shopping to a status of that as a dual enjoyment of material and spirit.


According to customer’s requirement Chipshow has different types of display series which covers all the need of a customer.

“Advanced retail store displays” is a brand-new revolution in the retail store industry and a great opportunity for the LED display industry. It unfolds a new era of art in the field of retail display. As the new trend is gaining greater momentum, conventional LED display products could no longer satisfy people's experience in the future. Only LED display manufacturers who continue to innovate and value end-customers' experience can become pioneers in the this new era. 


Chipshow has multiple series of display which can be used for advanced retail store display. Chipshow C-Smart series, Chipshow C-Trans series and so on. For more information visit our product catalog and get the best solution for your project. Our product categories Indoor Commercial can meet all the requirements. 

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