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Chipshow |2020 ISE Wonderful Ending


Chipshow |2020 ISE Wonderful Ending 

On February 14th, Dutch time, four-day Integrated Systems Europe (referred to as "ISE Exhibition") officially ended at the RAI  Amsterdam. As a leader in the outdoor LED display industry, Chipshow exhibited influential C-Smart, C-Lite-D, and C-Lite products at ISE, which further consolidated Chipshow' s  reputation in the outdoor LED display of global market.

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C-Smart brick led display, no cabinet design in ISE, multi-function solutions for outdoor advertising screens, trailer and perimeter led display,  won high praise from many customers.

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During the exhibition, the scene was very bustling. Since the opening of the four days, received more than 800 customers. All the exhibits have been sold out on site. C-Smart and C-Lite-D, two high-end outdoor products, have placed nearly 2,000SQM of orders in 4 days at the exhibition site, and there are several big projects on negotiation.

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At a critical moment for the people to fight the coronavirus throughout the country, Chipshow European team still overcomes many difficulties, winning high recognition from foreign customers with excellent quality and sincere service, opening a good situation for the new year! Let us work harder and move forward!