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Chipshow|HD C-Lite-D Rental Display Showed on Animal Reproduction International Seminar in France


September 10th to 13th,2019,Animal Reproduction International Seminar was held in Rennes, France successfully, the LED screen used on the seminar is C-Lite-D P3.91 indoor rental display that is provided by Chipshow.


During the seminar, the audience was impressed with Chipshow high-quality LED screen and its excellent visual effect.


C-Lite-D LED rental display is upgraded from original modularization to  integration perfectly, discarding the separate assembly form of modules, boxes and related parts, plug-in magnetic module makes for the installation and subsequent maintenance more easy.


When a good product presents a good impression, the value of the product has been sublimated. The forms of beautiful stuff are various, however the LED display manufactured by Chipshow is a gem in the industry.