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Product SpecificationSPU3.91

●Pixel pitch: 3.91mm

●Refresh rate: 1920Hz

●Brightness: 5000 CD/㎡

●Cabinet Size:500*1000mm

●Cabinet Weight: 11.5kg

 NET series Full Color Led Display Specification

Power supplies and receiving cards can be replaced separately and quickly, even in 1 second.

The LED cabinet can be maintained separately with power off, without affecting the work of other cabinets

Multi-functional fast lock design makes the LED cabinets assemble quickly and easily. Combining self-lock, inter-connection and micro-adjustment functions together.

Unique protruded design around the LED cabinets, the LED modules can be protected in the process of assembling, transporting and placing

Special arc, scale and chain design on the LED cabinets sides, any arc-shape achievable.

Build-in gravity sensor

Advanced gravity sensor design in the LED cabinets, pictures can be auto-rotated along with the LED cabinets.

Standard LED Rental Truss

Simulating the real installation , convenient , safety and human-friendly.

Application places

Ideal for auditorium, conference room, banquet hall and exhibition presentations, traffic, studio, command and monitor system.

Products seriesSPU3.91
Pixel Pitch(mm)3.91
Pixel density(dots/㎡)65536
LED encapsulationSMD2020
Driving method1/16
Resulution of module 
Module size(mm) 250X500
Cabinet size(mm)500X1000
Material of cabinet Die-casting magnalium
Weight of cabinet(kg)12.5±0.5
 Working voltage(v) 4.2
Max.consumption(w/㎡) 560
Ave.consumption(w/㎡ ) 170
Brightness(nit) 800
Color temperature6000-8000K   
View angle120°
Refresh rate(hz)1920
Working temaperatuer-10℃ ~40℃ 
Control system、System supportsIP31
Grey / scale13bit

Solution Features 

Outdoor Rental LED display screen is mostly applying for stages, shows and events, conference, concerts, fashion shows, broadcast , theme park, exhibition and other temporary activities.

Technical Features

1. 500mm×500mm500mm*1000mm standard cabinet , easy for calculation and assemble.

2.Die-casting aluminum cabinet, slim and light, convenient for assembling and disassembling, easy for maintenance, seamless connection.

3.High refresh rate reaching to more than 2400HZ, high contrast up to 5000:1

4.Wide viewing angle and color gamut, uniform in color

5.Supporting plug-in-and-out power supply and modules with power on

6. Supporting hanging or fixed installation.

 System  Diagram



Product model:SPU3.91
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