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    Ventilation LED Display:Ventilated & Light-proof, Energy Saving≥50%,4 Types Standardlized LED Module, Excellent Display Effect,IP67, Fast Installation and Maintenance,Firm, Flat and Backup Solution

CHIPSHOW Workshop is “stuffed “by C-VENT

2019.03.06 chipshow

  Recently,C-VENT P16 outdoor LED display has been finished production which is purchased by Latin America customer .The aging workshop is "stuffed" by C-VENT,from the first aging shelf to the tenth .



  This is a highway project in Latin America. After comparisons (products, prices, factory visits, etc.), customers finally determine cost-effective CHIPSHOW C-Vent P16 .



  C-Vent is independently invented by CHIPSHOW and has national invention patents. After many years of R&D , the third generation products have the following advantages:


  1. Air permeability, no light transmission, no need air conditioner: Hollow ventilation, good heat dissipation, no need air conditioner and fans.


  2. Ventilation: The airflow can directly penetrate the screen, with a ventilation rate of 50%.


  3, Lightproof: transparent design but not opacity, contrast loss, visual effect is not discounted.


  4, Low wind resistance: wind resistance requirements of steel structure are reduced, saving 35%cost of the structure.



  The goods is transported by sea. It takes more than one month from shenzhen port to destination port. In order to prevent moisture, each of carton will be packed with a PE bag and put in desiccant. In order to strengthen the protection of the carton, each piece of goods is added with wooden foot guards, wooden covers, the whole package is packed with PE bag, and finally the typeface belt is fixed.

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