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    NET series Led Display:Power supplies and receiving cards can be replaced separately and quickly, even in 1 second.The LED cabinet can be maintained separately with power off, without affecting the work of other cabinets. Fast lock connection, quick and convenient,Capable of self lock, connection and fine tuning,Curve angle -15º ~15º

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    Ventilation LED Display:Ventilated & Light-proof, Energy Saving≥50%,4 Types Standardlized LED Module, Excellent Display Effect,IP67, Fast Installation and Maintenance,Firm, Flat and Backup Solution.

  • C-Lite4.81U

Dignified and elegant diplomatic scene & future technology

2019.01.22 chipshow

  In the past few days, A Chipshow C-lite HD indoor Display was successfully installed in national banquet hall of one country of Southeast Asia , After some days testing, Chipshow LED display ’s performance is stable ,picture effect is colorful and brilliant , which the user is very satisfied with.


  The banquet hall is mainly used for  various large-scale conferences, lectures, reports, press conference, product displays, small and medium-sized cultural performances, dance parties and other activities.


  A Chinese internet catchphrase goes that the delicacies and love are the only thing that worth chasing. when delicacies,  beautiful scene and technology are combined , What kind of  wonderful experience you can feel ?


  in this project , Chipshow’s display was installed on two doors. When the door is closed, the display is also combined.Due to the high quality of Chipshow 's products, the gap  in the middle can not be seen at all.


  While the door is opened, it can be automatically switched to two LED displays. These two displays can show the same or different pictures, A  visual experience of science fiction is reflected in this solemn occasion.

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