Pixel Pitch:
1mm-3mm 4mm-6mm 7mm-10mm 11mm-20mm Over 20mm
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Pixel pitch: 90000
Refresh rate: 1920
Brightness: 800
Cabinet Size: 640*640
Cabinet Weight: 12.5kg
Indoor HD-AH3.3
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Indoor Extrusion Aluminium , Quick Assemble

Extrusion Aluminium cabinet 576mmx576mm, 0.1mm gapline between 2 cabinets High technology design, high flatness.

Correction Technology and Broadcasting Level

good uniformity, adopt dot correction technology, picture pure and vivid showing. Vertical/Horizontal 140, CT/Brightness adjustable, broadcasting level.

Easy Maintenance and Low Power Comsumption

Easy maintenance, low cost on maintenance, quick assemble, hotplug in power. Power & System double backup, Optional high reliable N+1 powering,double signal,automatic change No need Fan, noiseless, low power comsumption.

Application places

Auditorium, conference room, banquet hall and exhibition presentations, traffic, studio, command and monitor system.

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