Pixel Pitch:
1mm-3mm 4mm-6mm 7mm-10mm 11mm-20mm Over 20mm
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Pixel pitch: 6mm
Refresh rate: ≥1920Hz
Brightness: ≥6000CD/㎡
Cabinet Size: 640*640*105mm
Cabinet Weight: 13.5kg
Outdoor Rental LED Display-RR6

IP65 and Seamless Connection

New design, suitable for outdoor & indoor live show, brightness adjustable facing the sunshine directly, waterproof IP65. neither flick nor color blocks.
Die casting aluminum cabinet size 640mm*640mm, seamless connection, 0.1mm gapline between 2 cabinets.

Quick and Easy Installation in 5 Seconds

Fast lock for quick and easy installation.
Maximum support 50pcs hanging in a collum.
Fast locks design, cabinets can be easily assemblied in 5 seconds.

Support All Media Format and Display Mode

Support all media format, also support DVI/HDMI/3G/HD/SD/SDI display mode, applicable for TV program, VCD/DVD and live show. Smart mode available (optional) to monitor the overall working hours and temperature of each cabinet. Hotplug in power supply.

Dual-maintenance and Cost Saving

Dual-maintenance, fanless, noiseless, low power comsumption.
Vertical / Horizontal viewing angle 140 degree.
Calibration for high quality picture.
Cost saving for installation and maintenance.
Hotplug in power supply.

Application places

Ideal for super market, Shopping mall, hospital, bank, enterprises, government offices, exhibition hall, hotel, sports stadium center, customs, staging area, car exhibition, airport, transportation, parks, TV.

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