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Chipshow’s LED display passed ETL certification

    The LED screen of Shenzhen Chip Optech Co., Ltd has successfully passed the ETL testing and got the certificate, which shows that the products of Chipshow are fully accordance with the security standard in North American Market. 

    ETL is the abbreviation for Electrical Testing Laboratories, which was founded by American inventor Edison in 1896 and has enjoyed great reputation both in USA and all over the world. Any electric, mechanical and electromechanical products with ETL mark indicate that the product has been tested according to relevant security standard and has reached the minimum requirement of the safety standards widely accepted both in USA and Canada. Meanwhile the manufacturer of the product agree to receive regular and strict inspection to make sure the consistency of the product’s quality before sold to USA and Canada.

    ETL mark is North America’s most dynamic safety certification mark and the exclusive mark of the world’s leading quality and safety organization Intertek, products with ETL mark means they have met the demands of North America’s mandatory standard and can smoothly enter into it’s market.
    Currently the homogenization phenomenon is serious for LED screen, for most of the products there is no big difference concerning their function and appearance, while the prices differ in thousands of ways. This time the ETL certificate Chipshow LED screens got means the screen the distributors, the retailers and the customers purchase  has passed the testing and authentication from the third party.

Chipshow’s top quality and standardized LED screens are widely trusted by home and abroad market all the time; in international market Chipshow’s product have been sold to over 170 countries and areas; in home market Chipshow’s products are widely spread over 30 provinces, cities and municipalities. Chipshow’s effort to get the ETL certificate is a big test of many aspects like its management, product quality and factory equipment etc, what’s more it’s a good promotion for Chipshow to entering into and accounting for a bigger share of North American market to a great degree.


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