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What are characteristics of LED display technology


A, effect of excellence: dynamic scanning, image stability, no miscellaneous points, clear graphics, animations and vivid, diverse; Smooth video effect; 

B, rich in content, it can display text, graphics, images, animation, video information; 


C, flexible way: any arrangement mode by the user; 

D, quality assurance: imported light-emitting materials, high-quality IC chips, no noise, high power switching power supply; 


E, large amount of information: the information displayed is not restricted; 


F, easy maintenance: modular design, installation, maintenance is convenient; 


G: teleportation, USES the advanced technology, data transmission using gigabit network high speed data communication chip, support WuZhongJi long-distance transmission; 


H, stable and reliable, using the latest international technology, and use the world popular vlsi devices, improved the stability and reliability of the control system, and can support online upgrade, high efficiency and energy saving.


I advocate low carbon, green environmental protection, LED display is developing towards the direction of more energy efficient.

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