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Full color LED display characteristics of the operating mode


 With the development of display technology, the vast majority of collecting and distributing control system adopts the display operation mode to monitor the production process, control and operation. Here in full-color LED display, for example, this paper introduces the characteristics of the display mode of operation.

Collecting and distributing control system operating mode was mainly USES the display operation mode. This way of operation has the following characteristics.
1. a large amount of information. Typically, an operating station can allow the user to configure the operation of the frame can range from ten to hundreds of, each picture allows display of dynamic data points up to hundreds of, so the operator can get a lot of process information in smaller screens.
2. according to form of diversification. Process variables according to form of diversification, for example, can be shown in the instrument panel or point, can also be shown in operation. The available screen shows already, also can use the printer to print. Can display the current instantaneous value, also can show the history trend. Both figures are available, and can be displayed such as bar chart or color change. The diversity of information display is conducive to the understanding of the process, operators and easy to operate. Recommended reading: full color LED display screen scan and display design.
3. Convenient and simple to operate. The operation of the full color LED display screen calls, target selection, data changes and process operation and configuration and maintenance operations.

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