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Outdoor LED display performance and functional requirements


 Outdoor LED display due to different installation position can be divided into the urban green space in urban road, square, and a large pillar landing screen, attached to the buildings on the surface of the wall display screens and installed on the roof of the building displays. Outdoor screen installation general technical specification is applicable to display area of more than 10 m2, and fixed installation of outdoor display the installation and acceptance of the project.

Installation procedures should specify a full-color, dual color and monochrome, etc all kinds of the brightness of the display screen, perspective, refresh rate, uniformity, color coordinates, the field rate of pixels is out of control and other optical and electric properties of the minimum technical indicators and all kinds of display should have the most basic function. Procedures should be put forward special outdoor displays full brightness threshold. Due to the widespread use of display, light pollution is more and more get the attention of people. Part of the screen to become the focus of public complaints against the government, and there is no domestic relevant codes and standards to define and definition of light pollution, is the government related department for examination and approval and regulatory LED display blind spot.
Installation procedures should be clear of all kinds of display the qualifications of steel structure design unit and construction unit qualification, should stipulate display design of steel frame use fixed number of year. Procedures should clear the design requirements of steel framework, structural requirements, material requirements and installation requirements. Design requirements should include the structure of the bearing capacity, stiffness, stability and the security level of the steel frame, shockproof level, wind load and deformation of structure and strength design value and foundation and basic requirements. Structural requirements in addition to the national steel frame corresponding standard, should also be clear steel frame and connection requirements of building structures. Material requirements should be clear steel frame chooses steel, welding material, connection and the requirement of concrete material. Production which conform to the corresponding national standards, but also need to explicitly allow steel members with a standard deviation and safety requirements of structural deformation, etc. Which should be clear display screen installation rod, bar, longitudinal rod, wind structure or the allowed deflection of beam, column and floor type steel columns. When in building steel structural frame set, also need to be attached parts of structure is put forward corresponding requirements. Landing screen should have clear technical requirements in the foundation. Displays the installation precision of steel frame is very important, the standard shall be installed according to the different types of display screen rod (post) before and after the axis of the deviation, left and right deviation, deviation of adjacent cumulative deviation specific requirements are put forward. Surface and cylindrical LED screen should be clear arc radius and diameter deviation (should be negative deviation). Standard response to display the steel frame and the construction safety of installation of the specific operational requirements.

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