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The development of LED rental display roots


 With the development of the media and entertainment, LED display as the setting of the play video display products more and more appreciated and welcomed by the people, whether domestic or outdoor screen, LED display in a landslide gradually replaced the traditional projection instrument becomes the new display.

Because of various communication activities carried out, usually belong to one-off consumption demand for LED display or less time consumption, active side hope don't have to buy the product directly, directly from an intermediary company according to their own needs to choose different sizes of LED display, both to save operating costs, can also save a lot of unnecessary trouble. Therefore, the LED display rental industry developed rapidly and has become one of the big LED display market segment. At present, the LED display rental applications mainly include all kinds of literature and art joint performance, conference, business celebration, wedding, the exhibition as well as a variety of banquet, etc.
LED display rental market began in 2008, the start time is not long, the original is not a promising niche markets, because of the high rental display demand for housing, design, and mould cost is large, the market demand is not big, so most of the companies are reluctant to accept such business, this time is mainly some design advantage more prominent medium-sized enterprise began gradually to intervene.
After four or five years of development, the LED display rental market to realize leap-forward progress, not only achieved a large number of professional leasing company, also for the time period of each large activities and celebration offers a gorgeous stage. Because of the price relative to the engineering LED rental screen screen a lot more expensive, but good rental income induce a large number of young entrepreneurs to compete to lease crazy put in display, LED rental company blustery, scenery. At this point, most have a certain size screen enterprises began to rental market, and given a slice.

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