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In 2013 LED terminal product penetration target and the actual ratio


 Observation from the terminal of the LED lighting market, according to a 2013 LED industry outlook analysis report, electricity demand by the earthquake in 2011, a sharp rise in the Japanese people's energy saving consciousness, so in the cognitive and purchase intention on the LED products are higher than that of other countries, coupled with the LED price reductions and promote local lighting manufacturers are very positive in 2012, the development of LED lighting products, observation of the world's major manufacturers to develop LED products, LED lighting world output value compared to traditional lighting, LED lighting penetration rate has reached 17.6%, however, the Japanese manufacturers for the LED lighting products target permeability an average of 30% ~ 30%, and some manufacturers even reached 70% ~ 90% level.

Although Japan LED bulbs shipments doubled in 2011, mainly because of the increase in power saving consciousness LED bulbs in the popularity of ordinary families ahead of time. With long life than incandescent bulbs in the family to be LED, electricity 50 hours a week on average, LED lights, known as the life of 40000 hours, 10 years there will not be replaced. So the forecast for the Japanese market shipments only slightly to grow to 29.5 million, 2012 (+ 2.6% YoY). Then replace the tubes, lamps and lanterns of high additional value by the second half of 2012 and 2012 years of market development.
Lighting market, from the United States in 2012 by the local water and electricity companies for LED bulbs, lamp and lighting products for commission (Rebate) scheme, product qualified through EnergyStar or Design Light Consortium certification. Through the kickbacks, renovation and new equipment of consumers to increase the power, to provide better results with comfort, reduce energy use at the same time. Since 2012, LED commercial lighting supplier gradually increase, prices have dropped significantly, plus 2012 commercial buildings, including offices, shops, warehouse and the area of the hotel and the growth of the number, but also increase the market demand of LED commercial lighting. Lamps and lanterns design union, on the other hand, for the 4 ft tubes order specifications and requirements, in response to the rise of LED commercial lighting market, America may have the opportunity to replace Japan to become the next major market of LED lighting.

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