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The stage is the use of comprehensive popularization LED floor panel


 A can let a person on the top, like floor tile ground in the flat above the stage, actor, singer, host organizations, with the show to play the colorful background.

LED display is used for stage background is very ordinary, but directly to stepped on the stage of its use is minority after all, maybe a lot of people are temporarily have not yet seen.
At the scene of the grand stage shows, such as the rise and fall of Spring Festival gala show LED display is the LED display industry the most unpopular LED floor panel. According to the experimental test data research, every square metre of floor display can bear the weight of 1.5 tons, is the man to beat, tumbling, trampled on, and won't damage screen field use performance.
Before 2012, because the cost of the stage floor LED display production are expensive, many places are not able to complete its widespread use, though using knows its colorful effect, but in the face of expensive production costs, or hesitate.
In 2013, because of the cost of the LED display industry material is reduced, will expand its use area, also is bound to suffer stage rental company, wedding program design company, big theatre, all kinds of exhibition investment field use.

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