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The LED light overflow blu-ray level labels shall be the lamps and lanterns


 LED light spill have been accused of possible damage to the retina, and even blindness. Known as the fourth generation light source of LED lights is really not safe? To this, the experts suggest that the future market of LED lights should be clear with what kind of standard, what people should be careful to use.

Related studies have shown that the harmful effects of different wavelengths of blue light to the human eye is different, between the 435 nm to 440 nm of the harmful effects of blue light to the eyes of most, this effect decreases gradually with the increase of wavelength or decreasing. LED light source, gesep.com because most light sources of white light is through the blu-ray LEDgesep chip plus a mixture of yellow phosphor, peak squarely in blue band spectrum energy.
"It is because the blue light spectrum noticed white LED lighting products are the characteristics of the rich, is the international standard of the light biological hazards, to prompt the safety of the product should reach." Lighting products quality supervision and inspection of Shanghai vice webmaster, chairman of Shanghai association of lighting YuAnQi said that our country has "the light of the lamp and lamp system safety" of the national standards, including the blue light damage and quantitative calculation method has made a clear introduction.
However, many experts attending the meeting, said the current problems in this standard belongs to the voluntary standards, rather than mandatory standard, the standard execution. Experts suggest, therefore, needs to be the nature of the standard is promoted as compulsory, and included in the authentication standard of lighting lamps and lanterns.

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