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There are two kinds of LED sorting method


 LED sorting has two ways: one is based on the chip test sorting, 2 it is to be nice to encapsulate the LED test sorting.

1 of the chip separation test
LED chip separation is very difficult, the main reason is that the LED chip size is generally small, from 9 mil to 14 mil (0.22 0.35 nm). In such a small chip need microprobe was able to finish the test, the sorting process requires accurate mechanical and image recognition system, which makes the equipment cost is high, and the test speed is restricted. Now the price of the LED chip test separator about 1 million RMB \ units, the test speed in 10000 only an hour or so. If the 25 days each month, each a sorting machine capacity 5 kk per month.
At present, the test chip separation there are two ways: One way is to test sorting work by the same machine, it has the advantage of reliable, but speed is slow, low capacity; Another way is to test and separation completed by two machines, test equipment record the position of each chip and parameters, and then the data is passed on to the sorting equipment, with the advantages of rapid separation, doing so is fast, but the disadvantage is that the reliability is low, easy to make mistakes.
2 the LED test sorting
After encapsulation of LED can be in accordance with the wavelength, luminous intensity, light Angle and the working voltage test, such as sorting. As a result of LED into many files (Bin) and categories, then choose opportunity set automatically according to the testing standard of LED packaging in different Bin inside the box. Early separator is 32 bin, then increased to 64 bin, now has 72 commercial separation bin Machine. LED test separator is in a particular table electricity flow (e.g., 20 ma), testing of LED, the general will do a reverse voltage value of the test. Now the price of the LED test separator about 40 ~ 500000 yuan/set, the test speed in 18000 only an hour or so. If the 25 days a month, 20 hours a day working time calculation, each a sorting machine for producing 9 kk per month. The large screen or other high-end customers, higher requirements about the quality of the LED. Especially on the wavelength and brightness uniformity is very strict. If purchase in chip LED FengZhuangChang when no strict request, these FengZhuangChang will find after lots of encapsulation, encapsulated LED in only a small number of products can meet the requirements of a particular client. From the above about the LED and LED chip selection points of analysis showed that more economic way is to test separation of LED. Because there are so many types of leds, however, have different forms, not the shape of the now, different size, different light Angle, the right to use the perfect test points selected by LED products very hard to sorting operation.

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