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China is about to come on stage lighting mandatory national standard LED


 According to statistics, in 2012 China's LED industry output value of 205.9 billion yuan, up 34% from a year earlier. Among them, in LED epitaxy chip, middle encapsulation, downstream application three industry branch, the downstream application industry output value of the largest and fastest growing, production value of 159 billion yuan, up 37% from a year earlier.

With the "into ordinary people" gradually LED technology, LED industry is about to enter the third growth cycle. Has the reputation of "TaHuangRen" China LED technology Fang Zhilie professor of fudan university said: LED industry are the first two growth before 2010 is given priority to with signal and display applications; From 2010 to 2013 is given priority to with backlight application.
Shanghai semiconductor lighting engineering technology research center assistant director Yang Weiqiao said, 10% of China's current interior lighting has been replaced by LED lights. Once the mass enters the home LED lighting products, security issue will be highlighted. Earlier this year, the social from all walks of life to "overflow" blu-ray having hot topics, has the opinion, long-term use of LED lighting will cause damage to the retina.
The LED technology safety performance seeks, head of the international standards with professor: as long as it is in line with national standards of LED lighting products will not pose a safety hazard.
He also pointed out that, in Europe and the lighting products including LED technology, must conform to the international commission on illumination (IEC) published by the international standards. Unfortunately, the standard after the introduction of domestic, into a "voluntary standards", leading to some domestic LED display product safety performance. He thinks, to strengthen lighting radiation safety, is conducive to the development of China's lighting industry.

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