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Led display manufacturers how to build a competitive


Path of anything, let us have a clear thinking at the same time, more to the point is to let we mastered the action steps, the path is not immutable, validation and grow continuously in the practice.

Explore a have the operability of enterprise competitiveness to build road, is the present Chinese led display manufacturers under the status quo in the face of fierce competition, the most real, the most urgent need, we try to find out the competitiveness of Chinese led display manufacturers to build clear road. From product level to the brand level competition process, we've listed Chinese led display manufacturers from the factory (the scale of production capacity, performance, quality, cost, price, management efficiency), marketing (sales model, network layout, channel strategy, marketing team), mental (brand positioning, brand communication, brand culture, value-added services) interface of three main factors of competition.
From the current domestic led display manufacturers competition level, also the basic products in the early on the level of competition, competition key indicators embodied in: price, quality, delivery, after-sales service and so on several aspects, at present the price factor is particularly prominent. Business and marketing world today many people mention the price war, is a fit of anger and contempt, its criticism, criticism is subjective, objective existence of competition, don't die because you're against it.
How to go beyond the competition, to build competitiveness, is essentially the effectiveness of the combination of competitive factors.
1. To find out clearly from the industry competition is the most typical and representative key element of competition, the focus, focus on the most important factors Is the key driver.
2. Is to delve into the main competitors (industry benchmarking or equivalent when magnitude opponent) on the main factors of competitive advantage, use a combination of innovation competition pattern, such as: use service compete price, with channels belonging to the brand, etc., make effective near and beyond plan.
3. is to grasp the transformation of industry competition situation, this is not a difficult problem, in fact just need to follow the general law of economics (common sense) can clearly perspective competition tendency of the development of many industries, conveniently adjust the combination factors of competition.
Past experience, if it is, if not forgotten, in the face of temptation, tolerance for solitude. In the face of competition, dare to struggle! Under the reality of commercial competition, hold the pulse of the industry, in the market experience, build up its own competitive advantage, pragmatic, prudent that enterprises live well, live long king.

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