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LED display fault maintenance five basic problems


 One, What does it mean to be a brightness, automatic or manual adjustment?

Brightness control refers to the screen can display between the darkest and brightest of adjustment, rather than the light regulation. Automatic brightness adjustment is according to the different period of time should appear different brightness and controlled by the notions of broadly LED screen system to automatically adjust to a predetermined brightness. Manual brightness adjustment refers to the end users through to the operation of the LED screen control system, let the LED screen at a specified brightness.
Two, just in a few seconds electricity LED display bright line or screen get flowers?
Will screen controller connected to the distribution of computers and the HUB board and the screen is in order, the need to provide the controller + 5 v power supply to make it work properly (at this point, do not directly connected to 220 v voltage). Electric moment on, the screen will appear a few seconds of bright lines or "flower screen", the bright line or "flower screen" is the phenomenon of normal test, remind the user's screen is about to start work. 2 seconds, automatically eliminate the phenomenon, the screen into the normal working condition.
Three, the reason of load or communication is not what is it?
Communication is not the reason and not loaded on roughly the same, may be due to several reasons for this, please listed according to the control and operation: 1, to ensure that the control system hardware has been correct to electricity. (+ 5 v) 2, check and confirm the serial port used to connect the controller for the straight line, not cross line. 3, check and confirm the serial ports on both ends of the cable is in good condition and no loose or falls off phenomenon. 4, control LED display control software and control card of their selection to choose the right product model, the transmission mode of right, the right serial number, the right rate of serial transmission and control software available to dial the code switch figure set correctly on the control system hardware address bits and serial transmission rate. 5, check to see if the jumper cap is loose or fall off; If the jumper cap without loose phenomenon, please make sure the jumper cap in the right direction. 6, as there is still a loaded after the above check and correction, please use multimeter measure, whether the connected computers or serial port control system hardware is damaged, to confirm whether they should get back a computer manufacturer, or the control system hardware back testing.
Four, what is the root cause of LED screen in all black screen?
In the process of control system using, we occasionally meet the LED screen, the phenomenon of the all black screen. The same kind of phenomenon may be caused by different reasons, even the process of turning black screen will vary with different operating or because of the different environment. Such as it may be a moment of electricity is black, may also turn black in the process of loading, also may be black, and so on after sent: 1, please make sure that all hardware, including control system, has fully correct access to electricity. (+ 5 v, don't pick the wrong) 2, check and double-check the serial port of the used to connect to the controller for loose or falls off phenomenon. (if in the process of loading the black, probably because the reason is caused, namely in the process of communication was interrupted because of loose communication line, so the screen turned black, don't think the screen body did not move, the line can not be loose, please to check, it is very important to want to quickly solve the problem.) 3, check and confirm the connection LED screen and the distribution of the HUB board connected to the master card is close connections, whether against.
Five, the cell plate in the cause of the entire screen is not bright, dark bright
1, visual power cables, cell plate between 26 p ribbon cable and power supply module, indicator light is normal. 2, use multimeter measurement unit board presence of normal voltage, then measuring the power module, the output voltage is normal, if not, the judgment for the power module is bad. 3, measure the low voltage power supply module, adjusting fine-tuning (power supply module near the light fine-tuning) to make voltage up to par.

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