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Classification method of led display


1, using the environment: can be divided into indoor led display and outdoor led display. Indoor led display used in indoor environment, this kind of display screen brightness moderate light, large Angle, the gravity, density is high, suitable for a close look at;Outdoor led display used in outdoor environment, this kind of display brightness is high, the mixed color distance, high protection grade, waterproof and anti-uv ability, suitable for long distance light.

2, color display, can be divided into the single color led display, double color led display, full color led display. Single color led display is composed of a color led lights, can display only a single color, such as red, green, blue, and more specifically is can only display text functions; Double color led display is composed of red and green leds, gray level 256 double color led display screen can display 65536 kinds of color, more specific, can display text and images is the combination of features; Full-color led display by the red, green, and blue leds, white balance and 16777216 kinds of colors can be shown, specifically can display text and images and video function.
3, function display, can be divided into synchronous and asynchronous display. Synchronization with led display shows the control computer running at the same time, the led display can be synchronized display various information, such as 2 d and 3 d animation, video, television, video and live streaming video content. Asynchronous according the led display can be used to control computer connected to the Internet or offline.
4, The size of the ,point spacing: point spacing. From between 2.5 mm - 10 mm used in indoor, called a P3, P4, P5, P6, P7.62, P8, P10 (for indoor basic rarely); From 28 mm - 10 mm only between outdoor, called P10, P12, P16, P20, P25, were, the smaller point spacing distance relative to the point density is big, but the shorter the distance, the higher the cost.

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