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Adjust the LED light source, can improve human body biological clock

 Since 08 three years, the rapid development of LED industry, no matter from LED lighting or LED display applications, LED technology has been improved, also highlights the many advantages, such as energy saving, environmental protection, etc. But the colorful LED light source for our eyes how hurt?
Like ear has two purposes, the human eye two functions, it is accepted visual input signal, the retina also covers visual network, to detect the sunrise and sunset. Use of light, the body set up 24-hour cycle of the body clock, its working principle is the light generated by the human body the night melatonin, the hormone can promote sleep and testing a series of physiological processes.
Even after dusk, in modern society, people's eyes still full of light, into the retinal light inhibits the production of melatonin, the physiological cycle break may not only change the sleep, and may cause various diseases.
Early research results that most suppresses melatonin, light and blue light to stimulate the release of melatonin has a special effect. But Swiss scientist recently experimental results of the above conclusion, compared with ordinary fluorescent screen, blue LED display light intensity is high, the concentration of melatonin in the human body is significantly low. And because of blu-ray inhibit melatonin, blue light will keep people more sober state, even if will light off, will not immediately remove this state.
Early use of incandescent lamp contains more red, and now the rise of new fluorescent lamp contains more blue light, so some experts think that the change of light environment, not only to the people's sleep and has extensive influence to human body health, such as increased weight. Now, researchers have tried to adjust the light band to adjusted to the human body biological clock, so as to meet the needs of special work condition.

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